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She knew not what was going to happen but for once she was happy and that was okay. 

The wedding had gone bust as soon as Magnus had strolled his sparkly butt into the room. It was called off and the higher ranking clave members then began to leave. Most were more annoyed that their mornings were wasted for a pointless ceremony. Evie wasn't certain they were too against what was going on in the ceremony as the world was progressing so perhaps nothing was too bad about what they were doing. Yet everyone knew this could have been avoided, the wasting of actual funds for a wedding and everyone turning up, if only it had been called off earlier. Yet Evie didn't mind how it played out. She loved weddings and this was just another one to add to this list of great weddings. 

Their friendship group, well her friends then Clary, Jace and she should suppose Simon basing it off what Clary had said previously, gathered outside of the hall. Magnus and Alec looked really happy together and Evie was proud. Proud that they had put her feelings for each other first then the stupid Clave and family name. There were other ways they could save the family name that didn't end up with a miserable marriage and a very upset high warlock. 

Izzy and Evie stood next to each other their arms linked. They were aware everyone else knew that there was something between them. But right now the attention belonged to the two boys. They stood in near perfect quietness as only small words were passed. It wasn't until Lydia approached them that a conversation was really initiated. Most were just thankful that she was more than happy to allow what happened. She really was a nice person who just entered their lives at the wrong moment of time. Evie was sure if she had turned up at another time things would have been better to start off with their relationship with her would have been good from the beginning, not at what seemed like it was the end.

Lydia had planned to go and retrieve the cup to hand to the head of the Clave. However, something felt wrong and Evie did not want her to go alone. 

"I'll come with you, Lydia. There's more safety in numbers." Evie suggested giving Izzy a small hug and going off to follow the temporary leader of the institute. 

The two walked in a comfortable silence for a short distance of the way. However, when they were out of earshot of anybody else, they began to talk. The focus, however, wasn't on the wedding or the cup. 

"So Evie, that's what I've heard everyone else call you, Maryse has talked to me. We've both come to the agreement to move the institute you were in. I've talked to my friends in the DC institute. And they're more than happy to take you. They actually want you transferred in a week. They don't care about your surname or family connections. They've heard about your fighting ability and the way you handle yourself on the few missions you've been on. They're ready to completely train you." Lydia started. 

Evie, she didn't know how to respond. Maryse had come through for her. She'd promised to help the younger girl get her out of a bad place and get her on the mend. Maryse had pulled through for her and she didn't know how to act. "Oh... um... wow that's amazing. I didn't expect it to happen so soon."

"It's going to be a great opportunity for you there. Downworlder activity is just as vast there as it is here. You'll be doing just as much if not more there. They want to train you for a couple of weeks then put you in charge of your own team." Lydia continued to explain as they approached her office where the cup was concealed. 

"That actually sounds great" Evie stated as she began to watch the surrounding area for anything which could go wrong. However, she was confident in how everyone else would not attempt to do anything to sabotage this part of the deal. No one wanted Valentine to win so no one would attempt to take the cup for him. 

But she was wrong. 

Lydia was only attempting to open the panelling in the floor when it happened. Evie was knocked to the side first by the assailant. Lydia was not as fortunate. She was knocked hard enough to knock her unconscious. But Evie she was not giving up so easily. 

All be it that she did not have all of her weapons on her only a seraph blade that she had collected on the way. This was probably not her best idea when she thought about it. But in the current moment in time, this was not something she was going to focus on. She was more focused on stopping the madman from getting his hands on the cup. 

She got herself back up on her feet and activated the blade. She looked towards the person she would be fighting and froze. She saw one of the people she had begun to trust explicitly in the time she had been here. Hodge. Yet she knew he must have been easily persuaded back into the life he had left in the circle. Maybe him giving up had been part of the plan all along for when Valentine planned to rise again. 

Two blades clashed as the two began to strike one another. Evie was strong, yet Hodge was easily overpowering her. All the training she had before and after joining the institute would not have prepared her for this. Hodge fought dirty and it wasn't long until he had struck her many times. Evie was not going down despite his best efforts. 

She held her ground for another fifteen minutes or so. However, Hodge was able to stab her with the blade into her chest where she felt it implant into her lungs. That was when she collapsed and was unable to get back up again. Hodge was then able to stalk over and gather the cup. He knew he would be in trouble for injuring Valentine's daughter. But he was aware that the man would let him off knowing he had gotten the cup. 

Evie groaned and hoped to the gods that someone would come. But as she laid there coughing violently this began to seem unlikely as each time she coughed she struggled to get her breath back. 

She didn't get to see who came to her rescue. 

Author's note: My poor poor child. The end of this book is very close. Just a heads up though a box of tissues is likely to be required as I too the author have cried already whilst writing this. I expect it to be up very shortly so please hang on and thanks once again for reading. 

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