Chapter: 21 ~ Confront (Part II)

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 Note: The "Sneak Peek" part which I posted was just a hint what could be possible in the next chapters. But as I said I'll change it according to the chapter demand. So here I did that. I want to involve Xavier and Ariana... and not someone else.

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*Chapter is long because many connecting links are going to uncover themselves.*

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Xavier's POV:

What? I divorced you? How can you think that I will divorce you?

I loved your smile. I loved it when you blushed looking at me. Every morning of that one month I used to watch you sleeping. Every night I stole glances when you were watching me sleeping. You are my first kiss and my every kiss. I love you, Ariana. I can never dare to think of leaving you.

'I didn't divorce you.', I said when I felt my heart breaking. I remembered that I missed you and searched you every place that was possible.

She stared at me blankly as if I am lying to her.

'There were your sign on the papers. You left with them.', She said as her eyes shed more tears this time. I can't see her like this. I don't like her eyes filled with those tears. It kills me.

'I didn't sign any papers...The papers I got to see were lying on our bed with your sign on them.', I explained.

'How can you lie to me like this? You left a note that you love Eva not me and you want me to sign those papers.', She said between her tears.

'Stop crying. It kills me.', I confessed my prime concern that was killing me. I don't like her tears. I just hate her seeing like this.

She tried to control her tears but she failed miserably. I sat beside her on the bed and hugged her tightly.

I can't let our misunderstandings come between our relationship.

'Relax. There is something we are losing here. We have some misunderstanding about the past. We need to be calm for now. But before that please stop crying. Please.', I said as I caressed her back while hugging myself to her. I want to embrace her more closely but she will get hurt over the wound.

She wrapped her arms around my neck. Her body is trembling because of these hurtful feelings. I know she is worried about our relationship. She suffered in the past and the present too. I can't let her feel so bad about herself. 


She has finally stopped crying. Her body seems to be relaxed. Looking her relaxed makes my heartbeat a little calm which was dying before.

I pulled away from her and cupped her face. She is not looking in my eyes. Her face looks pale and weak. 

'Ari?', I called. She finally looked into my eyes. Her eyes are looking tired with all the pain she shed out. I wiped out the tears of her face using my thumbs.

'Rachael is not my wife.', I confessed. Her eyes widen in shock to what I just said. I know it will make our relationship more stronger but this truth holds many secrets which I don't want Ariana to know. I know it is impossible to keep her away. She must know everything but this is not the right time.

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