After the rain [Itona Horibe]

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She was never really a person to talk. 

The way she roamed the empty halls quietly.

"Oh look it's that stupid girl over there."

"Why is she even in the C class, they should just put here in the E class where all the freaks belong."

"Dumbass, loser."

Walking through the hallways slowly, I walked alongside near the wall. Afraid to bump anybody especially from the A class and cause a fuss.  I grip my textbooks firmly, afraid it'll slip and students will step on them. After all, I only got into this school through a scholarship.

The hallways were always full of students, gossiping and whining. Whispers both erupted and stopped when I walked past. I could hear their voices as they talked about me and how unfortunate I am.

"NAHANANANANANA." A voice yelled running through the hallway. 

In a matter of seconds, I was down on the ground. Looking around as I tried to find my textbooks and sheets of paper.

"Damn, I'm so sorry for doing this." The unknown female voice spoke.

"It's okay." 

"Let me help you." 

I felt our hands touch and she must have been embarrassed. She quickly pulled her hand away, while helping me collect my textbooks. I was surely going to be late to class after this incident. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up, I thanked her. 

"S-Sorry for holding onto your hand."

"Nah it's fine."

"No really-"

The female left leaving me all alone in the crowded school hallways. Here I am alone, once again. I felt someone shove me as they went past. The higher you are the more respect you. Society is just cruel. Biased. Unfair.

I honestly don't care about these little things. It doesn't really matter if I hold hands with a girl or boy.

You're all just voices to me.


I made my way to class whispers were soon heard again.

"Hey Aki, I heard you like bad boys." A boy in my class laughed.


"Well I'm bad at everything."

"Shut up Hirose!"

I walked to my seat. Pretty much, I don't really have any friends, I'm alone. Stumbling as I pull out my chair, I sigh.

"Haven't you heard Valentines Day is coming soon, in a week?"

"I'm going on a date with Ino afterschool."

"Hey [name] you okay? You seem annoyed." [friend's name] took the seat beside me. I don't have friends, I only have one. Its good enough, instead of being back stabbed.

"Hey [name] what are you doing on Valentines day?" A student yelled across the class, "Probably nothing cause you don't even have a boyfriend." The class laughed, while [friend's name] patted my back.

"Don't worry about them. I don't have a boyfriend as well." [friend's name] reassured. "But the thing is," I replied, "I'm different from all of you."

"I have to go, my class is starting soon. I'll see you after school okay?" The thing is, [friend's name] is really kind. But he/she is in the A class meant for perfect students. She/He tries to help me, as I get bullied a lot by other students. Standing up she/he left, closing the classroom door behind.

"Hey [name] have a poem for your invisible boyfriend?"

"No... I don't have a boyfriend..." I mumbled.

"Of course, who even wants you? You're a freak." The voice laughed.

The bell rung, indicating class was going to start. The door opened and in came the teacher, I'm glad class is starting. I don't need to listen to those voices that talk about me. 

"Hello class today we're going to be talking about the history of japan." I looked down, another boring class. At least I can escape from the voices for now, their insults. I hope it would soon end.

Roses are Black. Violets are also Black. Everything is Black. 

I'm blind.


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