Chapter 24- Fight Until You Can't Fight Anymore

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Lydia's POV (2 months earlier)
I got in my car and started driving. When I finally reached my destination it was six in the morning, hopefully this will work. Otherwise everything was for nothing.

I rang the doorbell and a few minutes later the door swung open. "I need your help." I knew that the chances of him taking me in were very low because it would bring my father back into his life after he's tried his hardest to get out of it.

"It's been five years, I've been telling you and your brother to call me if you needed anything and you said no. So now you want my help?" He teases with a chuckle, I roll my eyes. "I know it's early in the morning, and I know the chances of you going full out to help are-"

"Adrianna, I'm your uncle. I'll always help you. What's going on?" He questions while letting me inside, I walk into the living room and sit down. A tear falls down my face.

"It's Stefano... he's dead. Carlyle killed him." His facial expression turned blank. "When?"

"Last night. Carlyle was trying to shoot me but Stefano jumped in the way. He died in the hospital... I am here because I am done running. I want to fight back until I can't fight anymore. I want Carlyle dead, and I know you can help me."

A tear slips down his face as well, but within minutes his sad face turned back to aggravated and normal. He nods. "I can help you. But first I have to show you something that Stefano made a couple years back." My eyes went wide as I followed him into the basement. I looked around and was shocked at what I saw.

"What is this place?" I question curiously, he doesn't even look at me as he replies "my training facility."

"What do you mean training facility?" I ask again, he sighs as he gets whatever he was looking for. He motions for me to sit on the chair. "I was once in the business that your father is in. It was a very dangerous business, still is to this day. Carlyle and I were always in the business, ever since we were teenagers and he fell in love with your mom. Then they got married and he managed to get out of the business and your parents had your brother and sister. Fast forward to you. This is the part that you are not going to like. One night when Carlyle was on a business trip and the kids were at camp, your mother and I had a little fling. About a month or two later she found out that she was pregnant-"

"Wait. Are you saying that Carlyle is not my father? Are you saying that you're my father?" He nods, my mouth hung open in shock. After all that's happened my head feels like it's gonna explode. First Piper being pregnant, then Blaire hating me, then Grace telling everyone my secret, then Brandon hating me, then Stefano's murder, and now this. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

"She was going to tell them, but I was in a really bad place and I was in some trouble with the guys in the business and I thought that it would be best if your mother and Carlyle raised you because at the time he was a good man. But as you grew up, I saw that the colors in his eyes had changed and he was slowly reverting back to his own ways. He found out the truth when he came back into the business and I got out. I told your mother that it wasn't safe anymore and that she needed to take the kids and leave but she wouldn't listen. The night your mother and sister were murdered was the night that she was going to get you out."

"But Carlyle figured it out and by then it was too late. Your mother had a feeling something like that was going to happen so she wrote you that letter telling you that if anything happened to come to me and I would help you. So I helped you and Stefano get away. Shortly after that, I built this training facility because I knew that one day you two would get the courage to stop fighting." More tears started streaming down my face. I couldn't believe it. My father is my uncle and my uncle is my biological father. This is crazy.

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