Angelic Sins: Chapter 12

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Chapter 12:

We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love, never so forlornly unhappy as when we have lost our love object or its love. - Sigmund Freud

                I crave him. Everything about him is satisfying. His ruggedly handsome good looks drive me wild. His emerald eyes that sparkle into mine. The way he looks at me silently asking to be kissed. The way he gets caught looking at my body. It’s hard to believe he’s a vampire. He seems so human. Then the most satisfying part of him is what I’m currently addicted to.

                The sex.

                Oh my god. I mean I wasn’t inexperienced before, but after him, I sure felt like I was. I didn’t know it could feel so amazing. First it was last night. Now, we just lay down after twelve hours of it. I didn’t know I could feel sore as an angel… but I sure am. It’s not in a bad way either, but I surely am sore.

                My hand caresses his chest and I feel the hairs in between my fingers. I graze his nipple and feel as he quivers. It excites me that it turns him on. I smile and I can feel him look at me. I’ve never felt so happy before. I thought I’d never find love again.

                I’m not saying this is love. No! This is definitely not love. This is mutually beneficial. I can’t love a vampire… can I? This is strictly business. Wait… business? No, this is mutual beneficial. We are working together for a common cause. This is… well… lust. I have no feeling for him whatsoever.

                He turns and my heart skips a beat. I turn to look but he’s still there. Good, I don’t want him to go. I’m not done resting. Besides the sun hasn’t faded beyond the horizon yet. I just want to lay here forever in his arms. No… not forever… just for now. He doesn’t need to get up any time soon.

                His chest feels so cold to my face as I lay upon it. I smile as I feel his hard pecks against my cheek. I put my arm around him and close my eyes. I want to just lay here for a moment. We don’t have to leave yet.

                “It’s dark now,” he says. He doesn’t attempt to move in the slightest and I smile.

                “Yes… it is,” I say. I just snuggle closer to him now.

                I feel his cool breath on my hair. It sends shivers down my naked body and goose bumps appear everywhere. I just snuggle in closer to him now. I know he won’t warm me, but it still feels better the closer I am.

                Knowing that we need to get out into the alleys to protect humans, I finally slither from his arms. I stand looking upon him once more. A smile appears on my face and my heart warms. I don’t know how he does that to me. It’s intoxicating. I look around noticing that I don’t have the robes to wear anymore. Though it does not matter, I still wish to wear something before going outside. Scrambling around I can only find one thing to wear.

                I stare at the outfit dumbfounded wondering how it got to be in my house. I don’t ever remember seeing it. It is a one-piece white leather suit that almost looks like a one-piece bathing suit. I can see how it would bring out my cleavage and I’m not sure if I want Tristan so distracted. On the other hand it might be fun to catch him looking.

                Next to the suit I see long white leather boots that will go up past my knees. I figure it’s better than traveling naked because then nothing would really get done with all those dark alleys and a strong man next to me. I shake such thoughts from my head trying not to think of his hard pecks. It isn’t working very much as I look back at him and see his hard nipples as he looks up at me. His nipples are always hard. It’s probably because he’s always cold. I shake thoughts from my head once again.

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