Chapter 10.

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After me and Sean kissed, we went our separate ways and I came back to the house. When I came home Sean texted me and we have been texting for over an hour nonstop. I can't stop thinking about the kiss.

What are we? Are we automatically a couple since we are mates? I still want him to ask me out, or it's not official.

Sean: Can I see it?
Me: No you have to wait until I'm done
Sean: Whyyyyy I wanna see the masterpiece in progress!
Me: Your such a baby.
Sean: Who me..? Fine, but when your a famous artist and I'm talking to reporters about the drawing that made you famous, I can't say nothing because YOU won't tell me.
Me: Whatever 😂

I put my phone back on my bed and put the final touches on my drawing. It was of a wolf, howling to the moon. It's one of my best works if I say so myself! ( You can see her drawing at the top. )

I close my sketchbook and get up out of my bed and put the sketchbook on my desk. I'm trying to decide if I should color it or not. I don't usually add color to my drawings, but if the drawing I made is that good, I just might. I open one of the drawers to my desk and take out my colored pencils. My colored pencils are in a black, zipped up case, along with my pencil sharpener and erasers. I need a ton of little erasers because I write and draw a lot.

I don't write poems or anything, but a guy I dated a while back did. He even gave me one, and I still have it. It's a poem with all the stuff saying " I love you " and " I'll never let you go ". But he did, and cheated on me. I still keep it because he was the first person who made me feel loved. And it was the first meaningful gift a guy has ever given to me. I can't part with it yet. Maybe I can though?

I mean I have Sean now, and I'm meant to be with him right? Xander is in the past, and Sean won't break your heart. He likes you. I'll just go ahead and keep it anyway...

I put it in a drawer along with a bunch of pictures I'd rather forget. They're more of my family photos and photos of my baby sister before she died, and me holding her.

I had a baby sister named Breelyn. She was born premature and died a few days after my mom gave birth. For a 9 year old, finding out you were gonna be a big sister, and then a few days later finding out you aren't anymore is a one of the worst feelings in the world.

She's buried back where I used to live. I miss going to her grave once a year on her birthday to put a rose on it. I always put a pink rose because it was the color she wore for her first set of clothes, and her last.

I close the drawer and walk over to my phone again noticing it buzzed. I didn't even hear it, I was caught up in my thoughts.

Sean: I want to take you out on a date tonight. At 6:00, I'll pick you up in front of your house. Wear something nice ;)

Omg! My first date with Sean! Oh.. what am I gonna wear?! I run to my closet and throw some shirts out of the way to see what things I could wear. I need help...

Me: Makayla I need help..

I put my phone on my desk and lay on my bed for her response. I fall on my bed and just as I land on my bed I hear my phone buzz. That was quick.

I checked the time on my phone: 3:58. I still have some time.

Makayla: What's wrong?! Do I need to bury a body?? I got the shovel ready.

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