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She always did enjoy a good wedding.

Evie was up to something. Everyone knew that morning that she was. She had awoken even earlier than Izzy who was up before the crack of dawn. She had escaped from the walls of the institute to visit her favourite sparkly person ever. She had found it easy to get to Magnus' lair though she wasn't certain as to how she mad memorised the directions as she still got lost when looking for the institute.

She had waltzed in to see Magnus drinking. Obviously unlike what he had tried to say when she last spoke to him about it, the wedding really was cutting him up inside. She walked to sit in front of the warlock who seemed to yet be drunk enough where he would need help functioning. Perhaps all of these years Alice meant he had the best liver ever seen, it would be a question she would go about.

"You're really torn up over Alec huh?" Evie questioned

"For a shadowhunter he isn't too bad" Magnus responded with a cheeky smile.

"Well there is still time for you to come and get said shadowhunter." Evie stated

"How though, he's already told me he won't call it off before the wedding as his parents are counting on him. I wasn't even invited anyways so I won't get in." Magnus stated with a sigh

"That is why I'm here dear sparkly. You might not be able to stop it beforehand but you can stop it whilst it's happening. Getting you in is easy. I need a date anyways. Izzy's up at the front so I mean I can still see her fine body but it ain't gonna be sat next to me. Come sit with me. Then I'll help you get your guy. Please no matter how much research we've done, there is no way that that man can pretend to be straight not even for a moment." Evie smiled before turning and leaving the loft shouting a "I'll see you at 2" as she left.

About an hour later she arrived back at the institute after once again getting lost. She knew there was no chance that she would ever learn her way to and from the place. Not even if she stayed around long enough to do so. She hadn't even thought about telling Izzy about her desire to leave this life behind. But now she was thinking about it she now had a reason to stay. Perhaps she would stay after all.

When she entered the institute she was met with a panicking Izzy. She watched as everyone else relaxed when she dragged Izzy away and towards her bedroom. Once inside the girls room she was shocked to see Izzy initiate the hug. It was normally the other way around. Therefore, she was happy to see a role reversal and that the other girl was becoming more confident in the current status they held whatever that may be.

They sat there in the comfort of each other for a short period of time longer. Neither was moving and neither especially wanted to. That was until Izzy saw the time was 10:30 and proceeded to rush the other girl to get ready to ensure that she could show the world the amazing girl she had on her arm. Evie complied not wanting to get on Izzy's bad side especially considering the amount of stress she was putting out already. She did not want to add to that fire.

She showered and got changed into a dark green dress. It was short going to just above the middle of her thigh. The top of the dress was fashioned in a halter-neck style and there was a deep plunging cut between the front chest panelling. Evie was not going to lie she did look good in this dress. She paired it with a pair of silver high heeled shoes. All in all this outfit made her hair look more ginger than it had done in a long time.

She walked out of the bathroom to see Izzy was still waiting on her having gotten changed whilst she waited. Izzy looked phenomenal. Evie couldn't take her eyes off her. This had to be the best outfit she had ever seen the other girl in and she was not complaining.

"My god Izzy look at you. Damn woman there's no way I'm going to be able to pay attention to the actual wedding. My eyes will be on you all day!" Evie exclaimed running her hands down Izzy's sides and eventually taking Izzy's hands in her own.

"I look good. Look at you" "We're going to take everyone's breaths away" the pair spoke before helping the other fix their makeup and outfits before they left the room.

Evie helped Izzy play the good hostess helping the many important members of the clave into the building and to their seats as they awaited for the groom and bride to start the ceremony. She must have introduced herself to many people she didn't care to know the names of not thinking that she would remember them anyways.

Slowly the ceremony started but there was no sign of Magnus. Evie sighed to herself she knew that both of the men would be so much happier if this was not happening. But by the looks of it the lord was not on their side when setting everything into motion. It was getting to the last moments when Magnus could barge in and stop the wedding but there seemed to be no sign of everyone's favourite warlock.

Evie should not have doubted the man who loved to make a scene as much as she did. As just before it was too late Magnus burst through the door. She watched as Alec stopped the wedding for him and boom a snogging fest was initiated.

Evie was totally cool with the wedding ending up this way.

Authors note: I am getting so close to the final chapters of this book. I think there might be four or five left. I am aware there is still another episode left in the series but don't worry this book will be following along with the final parts of the season. Though these will probably not be posted until tomorrow. Thank you for continuing to read this story. 

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