Nearly Summer (1)

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Dipper's P.O.V.

I tapped my foot impatiently, as I stared at the clock. Three more days until school's out for summer. Ten more minutes until class ends and I can go home. Mrs. Estle, our teacher, soon noticed that no-one was paying attention to the lesson anymore, and they were waiting for class to end. She let out an annoyed sigh, and dropped her heavy book onto her desk, making everyone jump. "Since no-one is listening anymore, I may as well assign homework."

The entire class moaned in agony, and muttered bitterly. With the exception of one girl in the back, who never spoke. So that wasn't a surprise. Mrs. Estle passed out the homework, and told us to have free time for the rest of class. Everyone began talking calmly, as they shoved their homework into their bags, most likely to be forgotten. As the girl in the back received her homework, she instantly began filling it out, as if she didn't want to do it later. I nudged Mabel. "Have you ever talked to that girl in the back?" I asked her.

She shrugged. "I've wanted too, but I never get the chance. She always walks away like she's in a rush or something." She sighed.

"Wanna try talking to her now?" I asked.

Mabel smiled. "Okay!" She chirped eagerly.

The two of us stood up, and walked to the back of the class. "Hiya! I'm Mabel! And this is my nerdy brother Dipper!" Mabel squealed.

The girl's head shot up, clearly startled. "U-uhhh." She cut off, and looked away.

"H-hey are you okay?" Mabel asked worriedly.

The girl took a breath. "Y-yeah.. u-u-uhh you two j-just startled me. Th-that's all." The girl murmured.

"Well? What's your name?" I asked with a kind smile, as a pulled over a chair to sit on.

The girl gulped, and looked at the two of us as we sat down. "I'm Y/n..

She scratched her arm nervously, and gave us an fake smile. Mabel smiled cheerfully. "Anyway, wanna be friends?" She asked happily.

Y/n looked surprised, but gulped and looked down. "U-uhh.. I'm not sure.. I have.. trust issues..." Y/n murmured slowly, as if choosing her words very carefully.

"You'll warm up to us- hey wait a minute!" Mabel yelped. "Are you already done with your homework?!" She asked.

Y/n smiled softly, and nodded slowly. "Yeah- I used to put things off, but I'd rather get it done now. This stuff is pretty easy to me." She smiled. (In this you're basically A+ Harvard material.)

"WHOA!" Mabel squealed. "That's super cool!"

Y/n rubbed her neck modestly. "N-not really. I-I'd just rather get it out of the way. If not- I'll end up forgetting about it." She murmured.

"I'm the same way. But I usually do it on the walk home." I said calmly.

"Yeah. Then he helps me." Mabel added laughing.

Y/n nodded slowly. "So, y-you two are the P-Pines twins?" She asked.

I laughed. "Yeah. Do you have any siblings?" I asked.

Y/n seemed to stiffen up. "Yeah.. I did.." she murmured.

Both Mabel and I got the hint that was a subject not worth pushing. "How's about we hang out at our house?" I offered.

Y/n looked at us in surprise, but nodded. "Alright, I got nothing better to do.."

"Don't you have to ask your parents first?" Mabel asked.

Y/n shrugged. "Nah. My parents don't care so long as I'm home before 9."

"That's amazing!" Mabel squealed.

"I wish we had that much freedom." I sighed.

Y/n's P.O.V.

You don't want this Dipper. This isn't freedom. This is a prison. I stood up and gathered my stuff, as the bell let out a shrill ringing noise. "They really have to replace that bell." Dipper muttered.

I laughed. "Have you seen our school? You have to pay for everything and they use that money to pay for more things to make money with. It's a terrible cheap cycle. Everything costs money. Phones in the cafeteria, hats, breakfast and lunch, even if your book is overdue. It's totally insane. This school is a scam." I snorted.

Mabel and Dipper exchanged looks, then burst into laughter. "Our Grunkle is the living embodiment of scam." Dipper sneered.

I felt a lightheartedness I haven't felt in years, and smiled a devious smile. "Shut your mouth Dipstick." I laughed at him.

Mabel burst into laughter. "Dipstick- that's a good one!" She yelped.

Dipper laughed. "Since we're friends, I'll let that slide." He snorted.

"Too late. Whenever I feel playful, I'm gonna call you Dipstick, and whenever I'm mad I'll call you Dipshit." I confirmed.

Mable burst into laughter,  and Dipper blushed bright red. "H-HEY!! NO FAIR!!" He shouted.

"Life's not fair!" I chided, as a dark thought entered my mind.

I know that best... I smiled at the two as we continued walking. Dipper pulled out his homework, and read the page over and over again, trying to figure out the problems. I sighed. "The answers are y=1/3x+9, y=8/5x+6, and y=6." I told them.

Dipper and Mabel exchanged glances. That's something they do a lot.. guess it is a twin thing. "Thanks- I guess." Dipper laughed.

I smiled softly. I could get used to having friends again.


Hiya guys :3 thank you for reading the first part of this-I'm sorry it's so short and uneventful. I'll update weekly! Bye lovelies!!!

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