His Submissive Lover

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He was new in town a sex god pure tanned muscle under his oh so tight shirt that clung to every god damn sculpted line in his body, his eyes emerald green with dark black pupils screamed danger yet still alluring,

His hair black and sandy blonde which was a sexy messy style I moaned god he had this affect on me without even touching me mmmm,

Everybody knows him yet no one seems to cross him, he was godlike walking earth he could even seduce an angel, sculpted cheekbones perfect full set on pink pouty lips.

My God whenever he walks past everyone was practically drooling he wasn't stupid though he knew how he effected these people and he stride through the small mall smirking.

I don't know his name Or who he was

Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself

My name is Alexia Valentino I'm Italian I live in a small town in Sheffield everybody knew each other there because it was such a small town

I heard people talk about the new guy in town and how his aroma roared taking control in bed

He screamed sex apparently but I scoffed no one could be that good

Until I saw him that day across the mall I was oblivious to the fact the rumours were true

All I knew was I was scared when he caught my eye




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Well Mr. sex god get ready for the time of your life you’re not the only I've in this town who likes a challenge, I had a feeling id be seeing allot of him soon


Authors note

Hey guys hope u enjoy a Lil teaser of it, comment,  vote, fan



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