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Everything was different in this world and she was not sure she liked it

Clary stumbled into the alternate universe confused. She was walking around a house that her family could have only dreamt of before the mess had happened. She was frightened for her life when she came face to face with Valentine dressed up strangely. Almost dressed like a child would on Halloween. She demanded to see her mother only to jump when she heard her mothers voice. 

She threw herself towards her mother but was surprised when she received an awkward hug in response. She'd always known her mother to give the tightest hugs ever thought this seemed as though she would rather be doing anything else in that moment. Her mother seemed disinterested in her even being there instead, asking her why she was so early. 

"Come join us, Clary, Evie will be here shortly to help us set up. I'm so excited she's going to be joining us for the day. She never gets time off the force. You reckon she bring Gret along with her this morning or if she'll just turn up later?" Valentine who was Clary's father asked dragging her into the kitchen. 

"Don't worry Leene will be here soon. She just texted me to tell me she's on her way. Gret's coming along as well apparently they have something to tell us." Her mother responded not bothering to speak to Clary. This was a weird situation for her as she had always received an endless amount of attention from her mother. The doorbell soon rang before the door was opened anyway. Two voices could be heard approaching.

"Eve baby, I don't know why you rang the bell, it's your house you can just walk in." 

"Gret, I didn't just want to barge in and interrupt something. Remember that one time... you know what we walked in on I was scarred for life." Came the voice that she knew was distinctive of her sister. Her sister gave her a polite smile before bounding over to their mother. Clary had never seen her sister and her mother interact with one another in this way. She watched as her mother wrapped her arms around Evie so tight it looked like she would pop. Clary couldn't remember the last time she saw her mother from her dimension hug her Evie. 

"Hi Gret, dear. Tell us all about your last couple of days I haven't heard from you in what feels like a lifetime." Clary's mum gushed. Still not paying any attention to her. 

"Mum, you saw us three days ago before we went to LA. But we had a great time the beaches there are really nice. The adoption lady was wonderful. She says there's a great chance that we're gonna be able to adopt. There's currently a little boy. He's two. His name is Caleb and he's perfect Ma. He could be ours in a as little as six weeks as long as our house is finished." Evie gushed pulling Gret over as she spoke. Clary watched on as the two interacted before she noticed the plain silver band on her sisters left ring finger. She was engaged in this universe. The more she thought the more she realised her sister was Gay. But if she was gay in this universe did this mean she was back home. Clary physically paled when she remembered all the mean things and jokes she had made about gay people to her sisters face. How she had been homophobic to her sister stating that the worse thing she could ever do was turn out gay. 

The families attention, who Clary now assumed also included Gret, turned towards the TV as Magnus Bane's commercial was playing. She remembered the advice about him still having his powers and rushed off to find him spitting out something about a last-minute assignment she had still to finish. 

She ran into AU Simon and AU Izzy whilst on the prowl for Magnus. Clary had to decide to call everyone using AU otherwise she would feel as though she was becoming too attached to the people in front of her. The two were completely different to what she was used to. But Clary supposed that was what this place was. The opposite to what she was used too. Izzy screamed nerd who had many self-confidence issues. Simon was the opposite this was not completely her nerdy Simon, no this one oozed self-confidence and that scared her slightly realising how much of their personalities were repressed in her world. 

She met Magnus at the place he claimed to do his spiritual readings. However, she faced many problems such as being unable to prove that she was, in fact, a shadowhunter from another dimension. Though with a bit of persuasion she was able to do so. She still had it. She was still the best of the best as she worked to save the day once again. Clary did not need Jace and she did not need the others help to do this. 

In the long shot, she found the book they were going to need back in the other dimension she was able to identify what it looked like to get everything back in working order. However, sacrifices were made. She nearly lost herself in the dimension with it calling to her to join up with AU Clary. She was saved by the arrival of Jace who was injured. They made it back to save Jace and eventually make it back to the institute.

Clary did manage to gather something out of the other dimension. She was aware how opposite everything was there. She saw how AU Evie was treated and realised that what she felt watching must have been the way Evie felt every day. Every time their mother would only congratulate her on her achievements. When her mother would bring stuff home for Clary but not Evie. She saw the relationship they had in that dimension. She wanted that here. She just had to fi their relationship here. Clary knew her sister would forgive her in a heartbeat no matter what. She had power over Evie and was going to use it. 

Author's note: So this is the first chapter without Evie in it. I thought I would try to write about Clary and continue to portray her as the way this book is laying things out. However, I am proud of the way that Evie seems to be getting some loving. Even if it is only AU Evie and not normal Evie. 

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