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She liked the fact that she was yet to become a damsel in distress. 

Evie was ready to leave the infirmary as soon as she had been runed up. However, she was not conscious at the time this happened. Though, when she awoke she was ready to go. The white walls of the room made her feel worse and she wanted to get back out there. She hadn't died so there was no reason that she should be kept there. She would only be happy when they keep her here once she has died. She was beyond ready to get out of there. Plus she knew she was in deep trouble for skipping out on her meeting with Maryse first thing this morning. 

She was expecting to be alone when she awoke. However, this was not the case. Alec had left only moments prior to her waking. Izzy was still there though. She sat at the side of her bed holding onto Evie's hand. Perhaps Evie wouldn't mind staying longer as long as Izzy held onto her hand. 

"You're awake. You give me quite a fright girlie" Izzy spoke moving a strand of hair from Evie's face. The small show of affection had Evie's heart pounding at such a rate she thought she would have a heart attack. Evie gave a small smile in response she did not know how to respond. Rather she attempted to sit up and get moving. 

"Come on sweetie, let's get going" Evie proclaimed getting up and heading straight to the bathroom not commenting on the name of affection she had just thrown into the open. Izzy froze not expecting something so bold from the girl who for all she knew was relatively quiet about her sexuality. Izzy thought maybe she hadn't noticed the term of endearment. But Evie was fully aware she was waiting to see how Izzy responded. And when the girl acted like it was something that happened all the time she was happy. 

The two headed downstairs at what could be seen at either the right time or the wrong time depending on who was asked. For Izzy, it might have started off at the right time. However, this was all wrong for Evie. At that point, she saw Meliorn. Izzy's very male ex. Jealousy was a bad thing but at that time that was the only thing she felt. Immediately after looking at the Seelie, she began to compare herself to him. He was taller. He was sparklier. He was male and she was not. And he had something she could never have. 

This made her look towards Izzy and glare towards him. She hoped that this would be missed by everyone around her. But she was more than obvious. Both Izzy and Meliorn noticed her glares towards the man. This made Izzy hopeful in the chance that she too reciprocated the feelings. Evie's jealousy did not decrease until Izzy shared that she no longer felt the same way about him as she did beforehand and wanted something more serious in the future. Evie thought she perhaps had a chance with the angel posing as a shadowhunter. 

Evie was willing to allow the Seelie to go on with the business he was coming for. However, she had not expected him to be arrested by Lydia. And despite her knowing he was probably completely innocent over whatever she was charging him for she was not sad about him being taken away. That was definitely the jealousy speaking as, as soon he was gone and Izzy looked heartbroken, any glee she had about him being arrested disappeared. 

She brought Izzy into her arms. "Don't worry we'll get him out of this" She soothed stroking the girl's hair as her sudden change in wardrobe meant that she was now significantly taller than the older girl and could wrap herself around her much easier with their at least four-inch height difference. 

Evie hated breaking her promises. She had already failed Simon, she was not going to fail Izzy. 

That was how she found herself in a stingy cave going against the other shadowhunters Alec included. She fought to rescue someone innocent though was not happy about the fact that everyone else knew who was rescuing him. She hated fighting the people she was friendly with. The people who she had trained with before. But she was not going to let Izzy down. God she would do anything for that girl. That included breaking their own special shadowhunter law just so that she couldn't feel bad about getting her ex boyfriend or whatever they were arrested. 

She was whipped and she knew it. 

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