Chapter 26

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"No! She's dead!" Aylin exclaimed. Pulling at her hair, tears threatened to fall from her eyes. "You bastard!" Running at the cell, she was immediately burned by the silver bars. "Ahh!" Refusing to let go, her skin was sizzling as she held on. 

Ezekiel and Daemon instantly rushed at her, prying her hands away from the bars. "Aylin, let go!" the king demanded. 

Hearing her mates voice, she released the bars, falling back into her mate. "It's impossible," she whispered to him. 

Scooping her up into his arms, Ezekiel made his way out of the cells. "I'm getting her out of here. Quill, Angus, let's go." 

"Ezekiel, don't you think this should be investigated?" Daemon's tone was demanding, fists clenched at his sides. 

"That's enough for now," he retorted. "I won't have Aylin suffer anymore today." 

Walking back to the pack house, Ezekiel held a tight grip on his mate. He peeked down at her, seeing a dazed look in her eye. She suffered for years thinking that her parents were dead, and now the revelation was making her suffering worse. But there were questions that needed to be answered. Further interrogation of the demon was the only way to find out. 

Sitting her down on the couch in Daemon's office, he gently took hold of her wrists, seeing her silver scarred hands. "Oh, sweetheart. Your hands-"

"I swear to you, Zeke. I don't know anything. My mother is dead!" As she spoke, her voice grew louder. 

"I believe you, baby. The demon was more than likely lying to get a rise out of you. We'll try again later." 

"I want to go home," she whimpered. 

Daemon cut in. "The pack doctor is on his way." 

Clenching her hands into fists, she squeezed her eyes shut in hopes something, anything would come back to her. Some memory that she forgot about, something about that day. Or even a memory from before that, anything that would be useful in their attempt to figure out why demons would want her. 

"Aylin stop!" Ezekiel demanded. 

Opening her eyes, her hands had puddles of blood in them. Without knowing, her claws  extended in her frustration, puncturing her skin. Looking at the small pools in her hand, a flash of the attack came that day. 

~Flashback to the attack~

"Aylin, honey, you have to run. Don't stop running." The urgent look on her mother's face was enough to cause her to panic. 

"Mom, why? I can fight!" Aylin protested against her mother, she wanted to help her pack. 

The demons were descending upon the pack, and people were running, while the warriors were fighting them off. Screams, and guttural sounds of  people dying around her pierced her ears. 

"No! Aylin, listen to me. They want to take you away. Do as I say, and run!" 

Turning on her heel, Aylin ran as far, and as fast as she could away from the din. The sounds of the fight were dimming as she ran into the woods. Hiding behind a large tree, the sounds suddenly stopped. 

Everything in her world was ripped away from her that day. The silence became deafening.

~End flashback~

"She told me to run," she whispered.

"Who did?" Ezekiel asked, puzzled. 

"My mother." 

In that moment, the pack doctor walked in. The same one from when she was a member, he seemed pleasantly surprised to see Aylin. "Well, hello there. It's been a long time since I've seen you." 

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