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Maybe she enjoyed putting herself in the crossfire. 

Evie had awoken again that morning still in the clothes from the night before. She had only managed to get a few hours sleep that night. No matter what she had done she still couldn't get Clary's words out of her head. They circled viciously getting louder and louder until she gave in. Sleep Evie had done something that awake Evie hadn't. Asleep Evie had never come back from walking away last night. She never stumbled upon a pizza joint. She had never been brought home by a worried Mama Lightwood. Rather she was gone and no one had missed her. 

She had changed again. However, this time she wore a black cotton crop top which had no sleeves and a pair of black cotton shorts. Over this, she wore a green checked flannel top. She wore a pair of fishnet socks and her black Nike Air Force Ones. Her makeup was done heavy and dark. With a dark green looking eyeshadow and a heavy winged liner, she paired this with a dark red lipstick and headed down to the training room. 

All she wanted to do was practice throwing her knives as she tried to get the middle of the target. But for the second time that day the alarms went off. She by now knew that the alarms meant that there was an intruder on the premises. She shot into action taking her batons off the side and picking up her throwing knife from where it was lodged in the board. She hadn't much time to prepare for it before it was in the training room going after three people in particular. Her, Alec and Hodge. She was sure it was here after her and Hodge and Alec had ties to the pair. 

She went for it attacking as feircly as possible. She swept she lunged and she hit it with all of her force. However, this forsaken was strong and was able to throw her around like she was a doll. She hit the wall with a slam when she was thrown. 

Evie was not going to back down. She was not letting this creature hurt anyone else. She was tough and she knew this. Getting back up her and Alec continued to fight the forsaken as it still overcame her in strength and ability. The two fought valiantly however, they were overpowered again and again both taking multiple hits which were going to leave them injured for weeks to come. The fight looked like it was not going to progress much faster until Hodge got the upper hand and killed the forsaken on the spot. Both Evie and Alec collapsed shortly after checking it was actually dead. 

For their injuries were worse than first anticipated. 

Izzy raced in only a short amount of time after the forsaken was killed, her mother and Billie close on her tail. None of the three knew where to look first. They knew that the two had to be moved to the infirmary where they could be properly healed. By sheer manpower, they moved the two where work began immediately to heal the bodies of the two who had risked their lives to protect the others in the institute. 

Looking down towards Evie, the three woman knew this wasn't going to be the last time the young girl would sacrifice her life to ensure the safety of everyone else. It seemed as though she was determined to die a martyr. With the way things were turning out, it seemed possible that this would happen as well. 

Eventually, both Maryse and Billie left the two after healing runes had been activated on the pair. Or activated on Alec and drawn on Evie. This left Izzy who had promised to alert everyone to when the two were both awake and able to leave the infirmary. For they would have to be checked by the doctor before they could leave. 

Izzy watched the two with worry in her eyes. She was worried about her brother who she had to admit was her rock. No matter what he seemed to be able to be there for her. This had been the way since they were young with her being the only one he would open up to for many years. She also felt worry towards the ginger girl laid on the other bed. Izzy knew that her coming into their lives had been a good thing. She had made her brother more open and a slightly nicer person to be around. But the best thing was the person Evie was in general. 

Izzy had never felt this way about another girl beforehand. She was convinced for years that she was straight and only ever interested in guys. Yet along came the ginger bombshell and she was head over heels. She had cried this morning when her mother asked her about whether or not she had concerns about her safety. She had originally thought it was because Evie did not have as much training as she did or because she was the daughter of Valentine and everyone was after her. Her heart had broken when her mother had asked if she thought Evie was at risk of harm from herself. Her mother had not shared much more but Izzy had worked out that if something was not to change soon that whatever time she had left with the girl was going to be cut short. She had a feeling she was already living on borrowed time with the girl. There was no way she was going to let the girl go without telling her how she felt. There was no way she was going to let this girl go easily. 

She nearly fell off the chair she was occupying when Alec's phone rung. Answering it she was furious to hear it was Jace once again asking for help to solve Clary's problems. Her anger only increased as she heard Clary attempt him to convince him not to come back and check on Alec, his best friend, or Evie, her sister, stating that whatever they were doing was more important than checking on two people they were both suppose to care about. She was even more furious when he agreed to continue whatever the two were doing. Clary had already irritated her earlier when she had spoken so poorly about Evie. The girl was not doing much better when it came to now as she showed no concern for her sister. 

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