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Nickname: Naomi??? Idk

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Nickname: Naomi??? Idk. None???

Eye color: brown

Hair color: boring brown

One fact: umm..... I'm gonna see Palaye Royale soon?
(But I need a vaccine that everyone does at 14 and if I don't have it I can't go and today we went to the doctor's office to ask about it and she said we could do it right there and I was like "okay" but then I couldn't because sHE WAS GOING TO STICK A NEEDLE IN ME I CANT DO THAT. I'm not afraid but I just couldn't. So that was fun.......... (I need to get it done until April or they won't be able to let me on the plane))

5. Favorite color: purple

6. Favorite place: idk??!??

7. Favorite celebrity: John Barrowman

8. Favorite animal: idk

9. Favorite song: idk I can't choose one

10. Favorite book: rn it's Simon vs thE Homosapient's Agenda. It's really good and the movie comes out this year (by the name of Love, Simon)

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