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Hey guys, please share the story with all your friends! I promise I'll try to keep it entertaining! Comment!! Sorry, I know this chapter kind of sucks, but it's just a filler for the next one! I swear chapter four will be good!

The next morning I woke up and flew into the shower. I smiled at the feeling of the warm water washing away all my travel grunginess. After about twenty minutes I forced myself to turn off the shower and I wrapped myself in a towel. As I blow dried my hair I contemplated what to wear. I wanted to look good, but not like I was trying to hard. My blonde hair fell in loose waves as the dryer forced all the water out of it. 

I wound up throwing on a pair of bright red jeans, a black flowing tank top and sky high black stilettos. The overall look was professional, but it didn't look like I was trying to seem older than I was. I carefully applied some light makeup. For the billionth time I wished that my skin wasn't so fair so that I could wear more than just brown eyeliner and mascara. Anything more than that I looked like like a raccoon. 

I glanced at the clock by my bed and swore. I snatched my purse from the bedside table and hurtled to the elevator. I saw Andrew at exactly 9 AM, and he drove me to an apartment building. 

"Where are we?" I asked as he opened the door for me. 

"The boys live here. They've got three flats, which means they've got the entire floor to themselves," he answered.

"This is where they live?" I spluttered. "Why are we at their houses?"

"Paul thought it would be easiest for you to get to know them here. Since you're designing outfits for them, he figured this would be a fine venue."

When I thought about it, I supposed it made sense. I wanted to create looks for them that would reflect their personalities, which meant I needed to get to know them before putting anything together. It only stood to reason that they would be most comfortable in their homes. 

Andrew told me to go the nineteenth floor, and that someone should be waiting for me at the elevator. "They're expecting you," he said. "If no one is there, just knock on one of the doors. They know who you are!"

I pressed the button for the floor and nervously dug around in my purse for nothing in particular. As soon as I set foot outside the elevator I was enveloped in a strong embrace. When I was finally released from the bear hug I looked up at the face my welcomer. 

"Hello!" Louis said brightly. "I'm Louis!"

"I remember," I laughed. "That was quite a greeting."

"You're coming on tour with us! That means you're part of the family!" He answered. "The lads are all in mine and Harry's apartment. Harry's cooked breakfast. I hope you're hungry!"

"I'm starving," I admitted, remembering that I had skipped breakfast.

"Excellent." Louis led my down the hall and opened the doors. "Boys, she's here!"

"Gemma! Hi!" They cheered.

I found myself in the middle of a One Direction sandwich as they all hugged me simultaneously. 

"We're so excited you're here!" Niall chirped.

"Want something to eat? I've made pastries," Harry chimed. He motioned to the table, which was adorned with a wide variety of pastries.

"These looks amazing!" I said, as I took a bite of a croissant. "They taste delicious! Where did you learn to make these?"

Harry grinned, revealing adorable dimples. "Before X Factor, I worked in  bakery back in Cheshire. My mum taught me how to make croissants when I was really little."

"She taught you well," I muttered, devouring the pastry. 

"Harry is definitely the best cook," Louis agreed. "I'm helpless in the kitchen."

"Same here," Zayn said. "I was completely dependent on my mum to feed me."

"Aw, poor baby. I'll cook for you anytime," I cooed jokingly. 

"Careful, Gemma," Niall warned. "He might actually take you up on that. He lives alone, so there's no one to cook for him."

"It's all right," Zayn said. "I just come over here whenever I want to eat. Harry's always made something yummy." 

"You mean you don't come over for the pleasure of our company?" Louis asked, aghast. 

"No. It's all about the food," Zayn said with false seriousness. 

"If he wanted good company he'd come to our place," Liam said. "Right, Niall?"

"Certainly. Nothing's better than an Irishman for a laugh," Niall agreed. 

"But seriously, what do you need to know about us?" Liam asked me. 

"Honestly, I just need to spend some time around you boys. I need a better sense of your personalities. I've watched interviews and whatnot, but I don't really know you." I looked at them a little nervously. After all, they were international superstars. 

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