Summer- Chapter 8

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We enjoy a glass of bourbon punch with my parents before dinner. Instead of cooking, my dad runs out to get barbecue from one of his favorite places. It's delicious even if it comes from a stand on the side of the road.

"Jane texted me. She invited us to that pool party again," I say to Shawn as we sit in the sun room with my mom and dad after dinner.

"I'm happy to go," he says.

"People will probably take pics of you," I warn.

"I don't care. I'm not exactly trying to hide what we have going on."

Today on the beach, he'd only been approached two times. One of the times, the fans wanted me in the picture. He didn't mind at all.

I'm still avoiding social media. Most of my friends know something is going on between us, so they've stopped texting me if a picture pops up somewhere. Shawn usually shows me the pics of us that are circulating.

"I think you should go see your friends, Breanna. You might not be back here again for awhile," my mom says. "Plus, don't you want to show Shawn off?"

I give my mom a look. "Do you really think I need to parade my boyfriend around to impress people?"

As soon as I finish my sentence, I realize what I've said. Oops. I just called Shawn my boyfriend.

We've never discussed what our relationship is. It's been very casual and breezy. Summer loving. No commitment. No labels. We have amazing sex and we get along great.

"I think we should go to the party," Shawn says, acting as if he didn't hear me, or maybe just ignoring what I'd said.

"Okay. Let me grab my purse and the keys."

"No drinking if you are driving, young lady," my dad reminds me.

"I'm not drinking. Don't wait up," I say as we walk out.

"Wait, do we need swim suits?" Shawn asks as we approach the car.

I shake my head. "Very few people actually swim at these pool parties."

I find my way to James's house and we park on the street along with a couple dozen other cars. We bypass the house and go straight to the back where the party is being held. The pool has tons of floating tea lights in it and everyone is standing around the deck drinking.

"Breeeeee!" Jane yells. She rushes over to me with a couple other of my good friends. I hug them all.

"Jane, you met Shawn already. Cassidy and Britton, this is my friend Shawn."

He extends his hand to my friends and they stare at him slightly starstruck.

A few of the guys come over and they join us and I make more introductions. Shawn and I make small talk with them. Someone gets us drinks, and I hand mine to Shawn. He drinks them both quickly since it's so hot and humid out.

Shawn manages to get enough of a buzz that he's enjoying himself. He's super friendly with everyone. I, on the other hand, am not having quite as good a time. I'm sick of people pulling me aside to ask personal questions about Shawn. And by personal, I mean really invasive. Just because I sat next to you in geometry class four years ago does not mean I am telling you about my date's dick.

Shawn has another drink and looks over at me. I think he can tell I'm a bit off. He takes my hand and pulls me close. He then wraps his arms around me.

"You okay, baby?" he asks me.

"I'm just tired from being in the sun all day."

He starts to laugh.

"What?" I ask.

"I can tell you got lots of sun because you are so fucking hot."

He's very pleased with his line.

"My goodness. You are getting drunk. How many of those run punches did you slam?"

"Maybe four."

"No more. Let's go inside and get you a water."

I take him by the hand and lead him inside James's palatial house. We find bottled water in the fridge, and I grab one for each of us.

"Drink," I tell Shawn.

He drinks it and then starts giving me the look. Only it's a somewhat drunken version of the look, so it's more comical than sexy.

He walks over to me and lifts me up and sets me on the counter. He then positions himself between my legs. He grabs my legs and wraps them around his waist, pulling me towards him.

"What are you doing?" I ask him.

Instead of answering, he leans in and kisses me, grinding against me.

No one else is in the kitchen, but I don't want to do this in such a public place.

"Easy there, big boy," I tell him, pushing my hands against his chest. "Save it for when I sneak in your room later."

He grins. "Okay."

He then helps me off the counter. We finish our water and rejoin the party on the pool deck.

We stay a couple more hours, during which time Shawn sobers up significantly.

My parents are in bed by the time we get home. I get ready for bed and sneak into his room where I stay until dawn, when I sneak back out.

We have a relaxed morning sitting around the pool at my parents' house. My dad drives us back to the airport, and we get to Toronto by dinner time.

"That was a fun weekend," Shawn tells me as we cuddle in bed that night.

"It was," I say.

As much as I liked going back home, it made me realize how awesome my summer in Toronto has been. Summer is coming to an end though.

"I'm going to miss you when you are in L.A.," I tell him.

"It's only two weeks. I'll miss you, too, but we'll be back together before you know it." He then pulls me tighter in his arms.

I know I've been telling myself all summer that this was just a fling, but there are times when it feels like much more.

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