Summer- Chapter 6

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I wake up to my phone alarm at 7:15 AM. I have a 9:00 class this morning.

Shawn has me in a pretty tight hold. I try to pry his arms off me but he just pulls me tighter.

"Stay," he says groggily into my ear.

"I can't. I have class," I tell him.

He sighs and releases me. I lean over and give him a kiss before exiting the bed. I feel shy and embarrassed since I am completely naked and my clothes are spread out between his room and the living room. I can feel his eyes follow me as I pick up my panties and bra before going to find my shirt and shorts by the couch. I quickly get dressed. As I am buttoning my shorts, he walks out, yawning and stretching, dressed in athletic shorts and a t-shirt.

"Do you have time for a coffee before I drive you home?" he asks.

"Yes, but I can just get an Uber. You don't have to drive me."

He shakes his head. "Don't be silly."

He then turns on the coffee maker and grabs two mugs out of the cabinet.

"How did you take your coffee?"

"Cream and sugar, please," I say.

He chuckles.

"What?" I ask.

"Your accent is especially cute when you say sugar."

I roll my eyes.

After we've had our coffee, I grab my beach bag, and we head down to the parking garage where his car is.  The drive doesn't take long. He pulls up in front of my place and puts the Jeep in park.

"So thank you for showing me that Toronto does have nice beaches," I say.

"I'm a failure as a Canadian if I can't convince foreigners of how everything is perfect here."

"Perfect is pushing it. You need to check out my beach before you make a statement that bold."


"Okay what?"

"Okay let's check out your beach. You busy next weekend?" he asks, as if suggesting we go away together one week after we've met is the most natural thing in the world.

I laugh. "I've got to go," I then say. "I need to shower before class and I'm pushing it on time as is."

He leans across the seat and gives me a very sexy kiss. "I'll text you later."

I feel my phone vibrate in front pocket of my backpack as I'm sitting in my second class of the day. I pull it out just enough to see Shawn has texted me. I'm sitting near the front so I can't really open up my phone to read his messages and respond.

When my class ends, I walk out of the building into the sunshine. I tilt my head up towards the sky and bask in the feeling of the warm rays on my face, probably looking like an idiot. I find a bench and sit down, pulling out my phone.

Shawn: Hey

Shawn: You are probably still in class

Shawn: Hopefully your phone is on silent

Shawn: You should come by later

I smile at his texts. He likes me. It feels good to be liked.

Me: Just got out of class.

Me: I have some homework.

Me: I'll text you when I am done.

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