Winter- Chapter 8

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When Marissa woke up, she knew she'd slept late. She had that "too much sleep" feeling. Why does an excess of sleep make you drag as much as too little?

She got up and walked to the bathroom to pee. She surveyed herself in the mirror and decided she was decent enough. She had no desire to put her real clothing back on. Shawn's shirt went halfway down her thighs and her boobs were smallish so she could go braless with no worries.

She walked down the hall to the kitchen where Shawn was sitting at the island drinking coffee and looking at his phone.

"Good morning," she said, her voice rough from sleep.

He looked at her and gave her a once over. Fuck she looked delicious. What was she thinking wearing that in front of him? Did she not know what she did to him?

He'd had to stop things last night before they even really got started. He was afraid of pushing things too far. Of going too fast. His body said to do anything and everything with Marissa, but his mind said to wait because she was different.

He cleared his throat and looked away. "Morning. There's coffee if you drink it."

She walked over to the Nespresso machine.

"Mugs are in the cabinet above," he said.

She opened the cabinet and reached up to the shelf where the mugs sat. As she did this, the t-shirt she was wearing rode up in back, revealing her very nice ass. She had modest panties on, but still, Shawn got an eyeful. He took a couple deep breaths to calm himself down.

Marissa joined him at the island once her coffee was ready. They sat there quietly for an almost uncomfortable amount of time.

"It's still snowing," Shawn finally said, breaking the silence.

She turned and looked out the window. Everything was covered in a blanket of white.

"You might be stuck with me a while longer," she said.

"No problem. I can get you some clothes if you need them."

"Am I underdressed?" she asked, trying not to smile. She'd noticed how he'd been looking at her, which surprised her a little, considering he didn't want her last night.

"Uh, no. I mean, I figured you might be cold."

"It's quite toasty in here. You keep the temp a lot warmer than my mom keeps our house," she said as she took a long drink of coffee. "Do you have enough food if we're stuck here all day?"

Shawn furrowed his brow. He had not thought of that. He hopped off his stool and went to the fridge. There were some protein shakes, cheese, butter, a dozen eggs, and a few limes. There were also leftover mushrooms and salad fixings that Marissa had brought, along with some beers and cokes. There was one frozen pizza in the freezer and some ice cream.

He went to his pantry and surveyed it next. He has several half-eaten boxes of cereal, some crackers, microwave popcorn, a bottle of vegetable oil, and a couple cans of soup.

He turned to Marissa. "There's not much. I think we might die. If I go first, feel free to eat me to survive."

"Can you put that in writing in case the authorities question why I roasted your leg?"

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