Jenna tosses her stuff in the trunk of their horrible van and motions for me to do the same. When we're both belted in and situated, she stares at me, leans over the dash, and runs a finger along my jaw. "I wasn't aware that you could even grow facial hair! When did you actually go through puberty?" She feigns shock.

"Har, har. So funny." I give her a spiteful smirk, but inside I don't like it. Her jabbing at the tender subject of me being younger makes me upset. I know that she doesn't do it on purpose, but it doesn't make it any easier.

When she quickly pulls out of the hotel parking lot, an odd feeling of nostalgia floods over me. I've spent so many hours in there, taken so many midnight exercise sprees and gotten to know most of the desk workers. They think our signing is interesting--especially one lady named Kelley, who always stopped Jenna and me so she could watch us say something dumb in ASL.

Don't even get me started on the hospital. I know that Jenna is right in wanting to do this, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've definitely grown--if only physically--since I left the asylum, and I'm not looking forward to explaining my break up to the nurses. They shipped Jo and I like we were characters on their favorite TV shows. Regardless, I'll have time to mull things over. Jen doesn't like to try to watch me sign while she's driving.

It's sort of funny how different Jenna is from what people think. I know that when I first met her, she definitely didn't act like the person I know now. I don't think she's changed, I just think that I'm seeing more and more of who she really is.

When I didn't know anything about her as a person, all I saw were the clothes that showed a bit too much, New-York-City-no-crap-taking attitude, and the limitless number of nights that she snuck out with no one noticing but Alex and me. I'm sure that the rebellious and hardcore persona of Jenna Polk is still live and well--but there's a Jenna Lawson buried underneath it.

I'm tempted to tell her that I'll make my two eras meet when she makes her two personalities conjoin. If she could manage to stick the attitude and appearance of Polke to the general intelligence and wonderful personality of Lawson, she would be unstoppable.

Here I am, criticizing her, when I'm sure this entire time she's been thinking that I'm dumb because I haven't been able to make my asylum personality and my "real life" one meet.

I guess we both have issues that we'll have to work out.

My hand reaches to plug my phone so my music will play through the car, but I take one look at her clenched jaw and draw back. "Go ahead," she drawls. "Won't bother me." Her strenuous grip on the steering wheel says otherwise.

I just shake my head and slowly put the phone back in my pocket. Jenna is deaf, me being single, going back to the asylum... It's all just going to take time. Nothing more than time.

Finally, after a hard gallop, Jenna barely whispers, "How was Jaded Ultimatum's new album? I knew that you would buy it..." Her knuckles turn white against the steering wheel.

"Eh. Their new drummer is better, but the lyrics weren't too strong." I lie through my teeth. The album gives me chills every single time I listen to it. But she doesn't need to know that.

"That's funny. Their irony in verse placement and lyric wit was what made me keep listening." She blinks once and starts to drive again through the green light.

I shrug and bend down to dig through my bag for nothing. "It was mediocre at best."

"Don't lie to me." The car stops suddenly and I almost tumble out of the seat. When my head looks up, she's staring at me with something fierce and ferocious in her eyes.

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