Winter- Chapter 6

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Marissa woke up and smiled. She'd get to see Shawn again today. She reached over to her nightstand and picked up her phone to see if he'd texted her.

He had.

Shawn: Good morning

Shawn: You up?

He'd sent the texts over two hours ago. How early did he wake up?

Marissa: I just woke up.

Shawn obviously had his phone handy because he replied right away.

Shawn: It's almost 10! I already went to the gym.

Marissa: If you are going to be mean about me sleeping in, you should just never bother texting me again. I love sleep.

Shawn: Got it. ;)

Shawn: I was thinking we could hang out at my place tonight.

Shawn: Order food in and watch a movie.

Marissa: Netflix and chill on the second date, buddy?

Shawn: No! I didn't mean it like that.

Marissa: I know.

Marissa: And that sounds great, except could I cook you dinner? At your place?

Shawn: Yeah. I'd love that. I have no food to cook with, though.

Marissa: I'll grab everything at the store. Text me your address.

Marissa: And any food restrictions you have.

After they were done texting, Marissa fell back on her pillow and smiled even wider than she had when she woke up.

She had not had anything to do with a guy since her dad had died. At the time of his death, she'd been seeing someone, but that gradually fizzled out. She'd dropped out that semester and a grieving girlfriend was more than he could handle. She understood.

Across town, Shawn was also smiling.

It surprised him how much he liked Marissa. He had not been looking for a girlfriend. The last relationship waters he'd dipped his toes into had dried up quickly. His interactions with women were generally limited to one-night-stands. This was sometimes problematic since he liked to keep his private life private. He had to find women who were willing to be discreet.


Shawn was thinking of making himself a stiff drink to calm his nerves when he heard a knock at the door.

He opened it and saw Marissa standing there, grocery bags in her arms.

"Hi," he said. How did she get more beautiful each time he saw her?

"Hello. Holy shit it's snowing out there!" she replied.

He'd seen that there was a storm coming, but people in Toronto rarely got too worked up over a little snow.

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