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       I settled into the wide first- class seat and took one final look at Los Angeles. I felt a pang of sadness at the thought that this was no longer my home. Sure, I would come back whenever I had breaks, but I didn't live here anymore. This was the place I had called home for almost two years, and I was leaving it behind. 

      I curled my toes under me and snuggled into the seat, waiting for sleep to claim me. I was thankful that the tour manager had splurged on giving me a first- class seat, since I wouldn't have been comfortable enough to sleep without all the extra space it provided. After the flight took off, I gradually drifted into the sleep I had been hoping for, waking up only when the stewardess came by with the immigration forms. 

     I breezed through customs since I was one of the first people off the plain. I quickly found the driver holding a sign with my name printed across it. 

    "Miss. Carlisle," the driver greeted me. "Paul sent me. My name is Andrew, and I'll be taking you wherever it is you need to go. I'm supposed to take you to your hotel, and I'll be picking you up in the morning so you can get cracking working with the boys. I'm told they're excited to meet you."

    I smiled at his accent, realizing that his voice was the norm, and I was the one who would be sounding foreign. "Thank you, Andrew. And please, call me Gemma."

    He grabbed my bags and together we walked to his waiting black limousine. "A limo?" I choked out.

    "Yes ma'am. But don't worry, it's just to welcome you. Usually we'll have an SUV of some kind," he said. 

     As I slid into the vast passenger area I was greeted with a laptop with a post it note on top. In messy handwriting were the words, open me. I did so and let out a little yelp as the screen opened to a video chat. On the other end were all five members of One Direction.

     "Hi!" They all chorused at once. 

     "I'm Louis."





     "And we're One Direction!" They finished together.

     "Hello," I managed to say. "I'm Gemma. Nice to meet you all."

     "We'll be properly introduced tomorrow," Liam said.

     "But we wanted to personally welcome you to the 1D family," Niall added.

     "How was your flight?" Harry asked.

     "It was boring, thank goodness," I replied. I couldn't help but notice how handsome they all were. I'd known they were good looking, but it amazed me to see that they were just as handsome in person.

     "Zayn, quit staring," Louis said, pushing him lightly. 

    Zayn shook his head as if waking up from a daydream. "Sorry.  I just can't quite get over the accent. And she's pretty."

    I felt my cheeks take on a crimson color. "You boys aren't so bad looking yourselves."

   "Did you see that, boys?" Louis said.

   "What?" Harry asked.

   "She said I'm the most handsome of them all."

   "She said we were all good looking," Niall said, rolling his eyes.

   "True, but she was looking at me when she said it!" Louis said proudly.

    Liam just shook his head a little sadly. "Of course she was, Louis. Your head is so big, it must be hard for her to see anything else.

     I laughed at their gentle teasing of each other. "Are you always like this?"

    They nodded. "Hope you can handle it," Harry said.

    "I think I'm up for the challenge," I replied, glancing at Zayn's gorgeous face.

    "We should probably let you go. I imagine you're getting close to your hotel. We'll see you tomorrow, Gemma!" Liam said.

    "I can't wait to meet you all for real tomorrow!" I said. "Bye."

    "Bye!" The all chorused. I clicked the sign off button, and their faces disappeared from the screen. 

    Once we arrived, Andrew helped me check into the hotel. He gave me his card and told me not to hesitate to call him for anything. "I'll be here at nine o'clock tomorrow to take you meet the boys and get started on designing their wardrobe for the tour."

   "Thanks Andrew!" I said. I followed the bellhop up to my room and smiled at the spacious suite. "This is lovely!" I breathed.

   "I hope you enjoy your stay Miss. Carlisle," the bellhop said as I handed him a tip. 

   As I sat on my bed I quickly realized how tired I was from all the travel. I quickly changed into pajamas and settled under the covers. As I drifted into unconciousness, my last thoughts were of Zayn's chocolate eyes. 

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