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Year 1998 [Flashback]

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Year 1998

"Oh! Mr Bae. Come inside", Welcomed an old lady in her 40s.

Little Irene kept holding her father's pinky finger while her thumb inside her mouth.

From far, Mr Kim noticed the guest arriving inside his mansion. He immediately wore his blazer and walked outside to greet them,"What a pleasent surprise", Mr Kim welcomed them and gestured them to sit on the couch.

"Jiwoon. Seokjin, Come out to greet Uncle Bae", Mr. Kim called out for his two son.

Soon the hall was filled with loud screams of the two little children. Seokjin the elder one immediately bowed down to greet his uncle.

Mr. Bae smiled and patted his head while the younger Jiwoon went and hugged his father tightly.

Little did they know, There was someone peeping from the narrow opening of the door.

Irene felt like she was being watched. She immediately turned her head and noticed the door being abruptly closed. She got up from seat, walked towards the door and held the knob. When she was just going to open, a witch looking lady held her hand tightly and gave a forced smile,"Stop being nosy and be seated with your father like a guest", The lady shoved Irene's hand from her grip and inserted a lock on the door.

Irene kept her silence and obeyed the elderly, but her eyes were still fixed on the door, but to her disappointment, the door didn't get open again.


                       Chapter: 17

                 "Namsan Tower"


"Appa! What is this all about?", Irene entered inside her home, finding her father sitting on the sofa talking to few of the police officers.

Mr Bae immediately stood up from his seat and hugged her tightly,"Oh my god Irene! Are you fine?", He released the hug and held her face with care.

Irene sighed,"I am fine Appa. Why did you send so many bodyguards for me. Do you even know how scared I was".

She sat down on the sofa.

"My sincere apologies Irene".

The man in blacksuit bowed down and took a step backwards.

"Gwenchana. You were just doing your job. You should have informed me before".

Mrs. Bae saw her daughter and came running down the stairs and immediately held her daughter's shoulder checking every part of her body,"You are not hurt, right?". Her wrinkled forehead clearly showed how tensed she was.

"I am fine mom. What's wrong? Why is everyone worrying about me?".

Both Mr and Mrs Bae looking at each other with a worried expression. Irene noticed a black envelope on her father's hand,"What's that envelope dad?", Mr Bae flinched a bit and shook his head,"It's nothing. Go and take rest".


"I said GO!"

Irene immediately closed her mouth, and nodded her head slightly. She knew that her parents were hiding something from her.

'I need to get into the root of this'.

Irene bowed down for the final time as the five of her bodyguards kept following her. She rolled her eyes and close the door of her room on their face.

She dragged her body and made herself fall on the bed,"Is this anyway related to that mysterious stalker of mine?", She thought.

She hastily shook her head,"Forget about it. It's not connected".

Just then there was a beep on her phone.

"Namsan Tower, Time: 06:30 pm. I give you twenty minutes".

Irene blinked her eyes twice, and jerked her body from the bed. She felt her heart beating heavily. Just when she was about to inform her bodyguard about the message, realization hit her.

"What if it's him?", She bit her nails and continued pacing back and forth inside her room.

"I only have 15 minutes", She threw her cellphone on her bed and pulled out a good tshirt out of her wardrobe. She combed her hair and immediately got hold of her phone.

She slide the window pane of her room and made her way outside the window.

"God! Keep me safe", She jumped up from her window and got hold of a branch near her window. She huffed her breathe and slowly got down from the tree.

Namsan tower was just a little bit far from her home.

It was winter, so the sky was already dark. She checked her watched, and she had exactly a minute left.

Her steps were slow but her heart was beating fast while climbing the stairs of the tower.

Her sweaty hands were continuously being rubbed on the fine clothes of her jeans. Her nervousness was at peak level, until she reached the top most terrace of the tower.

"6:30", She muttered.

Her breathe was getting heavier and heavier each time she took a step. Until she heard footsteps of someone else from her behind.

She didn't dare to turn back to face the person. She was standing like an ice there.

"Now, Don't you want to talk to me?"

She shivered as it suddenly started to snow making the situation more icy for her.

She took a deep breathe and turned back.

The guy infront was in all black contrasting the colour of snow which landed on his clothes.

He slid the mask off his face and smile as soon as he saw Irene's mouth dropped open.

"Irene", He smiled. 


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