I Will Always Love You

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Sun Shangxiang
Dynasty Warriors

Warning: this story does contain light suicide themes, viewer discretion is advised.

I will always love you.

What do those four simple words and letter mean now? Now that she's gone? Away with a lord?

You say in your cottage, a modest home, and held that dear gift she made you, so long ago.

A simple sack man, with a little replica of your favorite wicker hat on it's head.

She gave that to you. Before she left.

You reminisce on when you first day you met, the son of a Wu general and the daughter of the tiger himself, locking eyes in a shabby night market, not children, but barely adults.

So many years ago.

You started as friends, playful and merry, always causing mischief and mayhem for Cheng Pu to clean, he was like a grandfather to you both.

Then, as time passed as it does, you felt that spark within you, that damned spark! How much pain it bought you, but even then you could only think of the good it bought.

You remembered that fateful day at the pond, where your raw emotions took you, and you laid your lips on hers.

You feared her rage, but were met with her love.

Two sparks, creating a brilliant flame, one that lasted so long in secret.

You would sneak into her quarters, late in night, and you would be with her, like you always wanted.

A joyous paradise that time was.

Even when Sun Ce died, you managed to find each other, tears in your collars.

Even when Wei charged for the land, she stood there, waiting for you, to mend your wounds after that bloody battle that claimed Zhou Yu.

You lost an eye to that battle, but even then she loved you, that heated night in her chambers.

Then, as you stay quietly with the fading Zhou Yu, he whispered to you his plan.

You hated what you had to do, what she had to do.

You had a arrow set for Liu Bei's heart, and you had all set to end Shu.

But she stood in front of your sight. Tears running down her face as she rode off with him.

She was gone for so long, you endured Zhou Yu's and Cheng Pu's death alone.

Then, one rainy night, a Shu messenger reached your cottage.

He gave you those words.

"To my beloved.
You always saw me, even when I did not see myself, you made me feel warm and safe, and that makes these words so hard to write.
I have married Lord Liu Bei, and have given my loyalties to Shu, though against my heart that beats for you.
It was for the best, for if I had stayed, I would have gotten in your way, to the side of Sun Quan, as a general as your father.
Bittersweet memories I carry with me, all those nights we had I cherish.
But as a wife, I must fulfill my duties, and it hurts to leave you.
Please don't cry, I wish you happiness, and I pray that life treats you kind.
I will always love you."
Lady Shangxiang

The sack doll was tied to the letter.

Your tears stained that paper as you say in disbelief.

The notion, the thought that you valued your military merit for her! She was your everything!

You had fallen for her!
Her smile!
Her eyes!
Her voice!
Her being you loved!

You couldn't live without her.

And you wouldn't.

You took a last, deep breath as you held your sword to your chest, prepared to end this damned suffering.

One last breath.

Then, you heard a loud knock at your door.

You opened to meet a Shu messenger.

Messenger: My lord! I come on the orders of Lord Liu Shan! Liu Bei has died, and he wishes for you to come to Shangxiang's side!

You stumbled.

Liu Shan? The son of the man who took your joy?

You: Why? Is she not well?

Messenger: She was saddened by our lords passing, but it was Lord Liu Shan who sent for you!

You were skeptical, but to be by her side for just another moment took your senses away.

You: Lead the way, I will follow.

You armed yourself and set for Shu.

After a long journey, you were met with a line of soldier, bowing to greet you.

Liu Shan stood at the front of the castle, nervously awaiting your arrival.

You dismounted your horse, and met the young lord.

Liu Shan: You.....I have waited to meet you.

You: Where is she?

Liu Shan: in her quarters, follow me.

Liu Shan led you to Shangxiang's room.

Liu Shan opened the door slowly.

There she was, every bit as beautiful as when you first met her.

You were so damned nervous, scared of what to say.

Shangxiang: You.....you are here.....

You: As are you.....

Tears welled in your eyes.

Liu Shan: Father always spoke of you, told me to find you after his passing.

You: Why?

Liu Shan nervously looked at Shangxiang.

Liu Shan: He wanted you both to be together.

Disbelief filled your soul.

You: Us? Why!?

Shangxiang: I was always yours! From the day I first met you! I could never love another! Liu Bei was gentle and kind! But he wasn't you! And with his dying breath he wished us together!

Tears streamed down Shangxiang's face as she shook with passion.

You fell to your knees and held on to Shangxiang's dress.

You: Gods me a fool! I was a soldier before yours! How stupid of me to keep a soldiers soul in your arms for a lovers heart! Gods me a fool!

Shangxiang kneeled and held you in her arms as you both wept.

You: His kindness, to let us be together again, what man possessed that? To see beyond his own marriage for another love?

Shangxiang: He loved me, and knew my happiness was with you and you alone, he heard me weep your name as I laid in bed, as I stood before the next battle, you were my heart, my soul!

You looked in Shangxiang's eyes.

You kissed her.

You heard a faint cry.

You: What was that? A child?

Shangxiang: Yes.....


You stood up quickly as a nurse carried the child in.

You: That night.....I lost my eye.....

Shangxiang: I carried him as I rode off from home, I gave birth and never laid with another man.

The nurse handed you your child, Shangxiang on your arm.

You were silent as you recognized the child as your son, and the child as it's father.

You looked at the child, and at Shangxiang.

I will always love you.

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