Happy Friday! It's another chapter of "On the Mat." Jason finally has Jenna right where he wants her. Though he had to lie to her by omission to make it happen. But he refused to let the chance to make her lose control and give her the best she ever had slip away. ;-D

If you haven't guessed yet this chapter is an intimate one. Hope you enjoy it and please vote,  offer comments, feedback and/or critiques. 

Jenna's hand fumbled with the knob as she locked the door behind them. Her mind was too busy worrying about what they're about to do to stay calm. All the times she thought of touching and kissing him and now that it was actually happening she was a mess.

But first they had to talk about ground rules. Like what she's okay doing with him in bed. Most importantly it should remain a secret. No one from work can know about their new sordid connection. Mind calm and ready, she took a deep breath for courage willing herself to turn around and face him when she felt Jason's lips pressing a searing kiss on the back of her nape.

Hot and tingling waves of desire washed across her neck and down to her core as she shivered in delight. Her mind turned to mush as her body took over. Spinning around into Jason's arms swallowing his groans of 'fuck,' her lips claiming his mouth.

A hunger exploded within her, its heat quickly consuming her body to inferno temperatures. Jenna felt his harended length against her hip and her pussy, already slick, wet and ready, fluttering in morse code.

She swiveled her hips rubbing them on his cock and was awarded with a grunt. His hands grabbed her backside and lifted her up against the door. Jason groaned into her mouth and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her off the ground and her legs wrapped around his waist.

Parting her mouth, Jenna's tongue darted out and sucked on the organ. Pure bliss slammed into her and the walls she erected around herself, keeping away the debilitating emotions of others, shattered.

Jenna felt everything that he felt. A desperate need so great every inch of her body it could fill the Grand Canyon. A need she never imagined he could possibly feel for her. It made her dizzy with want and empowered. And a hungry, burning desire to mate.

"Fuck," Jason groaned again. He removed one hand and manically tugged her yoga pants and panties down. She unlocked her legs and toed them off the rest of the way as he thrusted two fingers into her slick folds.

Whimpering into his mouth her hand released his shoulder, down his abs to what she craved the most, the massive bulge straining behind his jeans. Jenna felt his heat through the thick material making her feel the fool for running away from this virile man for so long.

Suddenly it didn't matter why Jason who was sexy as hell with a ripped body for days and the sweetest smile would have to blackmail her for sex. She had left him little choice in that matter. What woman wouldn't want him? Sherry wanted him. And she'll never have him because he was hers.

Mine she thought as she bucked her hips faster on his fingers.

"Mine," growled Joseph as he kissed her jaw and nibbled on his neck. Her pussy fluttered at the deep, rough tone of his assertion. As if it was law that he was hers. It made her pussy throb and wetter in agreement. "Now come for me, sweet Jenna. Come on my fingers. Then in my mouth. And on my cock."

Oh god.

She felt the tremors of her orgasm coiling tighter and tighter, his filthy words pushed her her up and over the threshold. It buffeted and knocked the air out of her lungs. Her mouth dropped open in a silent scream which he claimed once again this time fucking her mouth with his tongue as his fingers continued to piston into her until she floated back down into his arms, sharing his breath as one.

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