Chapter 25

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Eyes wide, and mouth agape, there was nothing she could say at the revelation. There was barely anything that she could remember from that day. It was such a blur. Screaming, and blood were the only things that stuck in her mind. She could barely remember what her mother told her as she ran. Nothing made sense.

 Ezekiel simply looked at the Alpha across from him skeptically. "Why would they target Aylin?" 

"That's just it, no one knew. The only people who would be to tell us that are her parents, but as you know-"

"Don't!" Aylin gritted at the Alpha. 

"I'm simply telling the truth here." Daemon's tone turned dark. 

Ezekiel growled at the Alpha, claws emerging, tearing through the leather as he gripped. "Do not speak to her that way!" 

Quill and Angus took a step forward, ready to fight if necessary. Their looming presence made Daemon almost recoil in his seat. When Ezekiel went to stand, Aylin jumped in front of him, shaking her head no. 

Turning back to the Alpha, Aylin felt confidence surge through her. "Other than the photos, what else was found? This tells us nothing," and she poked the file on his desk. 

"There is something else," he started, "but I don't know if you want to see it." 

"What is it?"

Coming from around the desk, Daemon stood before her. "It's up to your mate, if he wants you to see it." 

Ezekiel stood up, behind his mate "What is it?" 

"We captured one after the attack." 

Freezing in place, the tension in the air thickened. Heart racing, Aylin was nervous about even considering seeing a demon. To think that there was an attack because of her was already weighing on her mind. But the reasoning wasn't there. 

"So, you've had a demon here, in this pack, for the last four years? To what end?" 

Sighing, Daemon took a step back. "My father spent so many hours interrogating the damn thing, but it refuses to give any information." 

"Then I don't understand why it's still alive. Kill the damn thing, and be done!" Ezekiel gritted. 

"As much as I'd like to, I want to know why demons attacked a pack simply to abduct a pack member!" Daemon was fuming at the king, eyes darkened. 

"Enough!" Aylin bellowed. The two alpha males gazed at the small woman in disbelief. "Rather than bicker over this, why don't we go see it? Maybe it has something useful to say." 

In silence, Daemon walked by the pair, exiting the office. Following in suite, The king, and his mate followed the Alpha outside. The warriors followed behind them, out into the woods. Aylin tensed the further into the woods they walked. Even when she was in the pack, she never liked entering the woods. 

Coming upon the building with the cells, Aylin froze in place. 'I don't know if I can do this, Zeke.'

'I'll be with you. Stay close to me. If anything happens, stay with Quill. Hear me, Quill?'

"Understood,' he replied. 

"It's in here. You'll have to forgive the smell." Daemon gave Aylin a worried look. "Are you sure you want to do this, Ay?"

Ezekiel growled next to her. Putting a hand on his arm, she answered. "Yes, it has to be done." 

Opening the door, the putrid smell of blood, and bodily fluids hit the group. Covering her nose, they ventured down the stairs to the cells. The sound of hissing and spitting caught her attention. Stopping at the last cell, there was a warrior standing guard over the demon. 

"Alpha," he said. 

Standing in front of the cell, the sight was enough to make Aylin want to vomit. It was chained heavily to the wall, hissing, and spitting at the group. It's bones were protruding from it's skin, eyes redder than blood. Ezekiel tensed all his muscles seeing the creature before him. 

"Here it is," Daemon said. 

Ezekiel stepped forward formidably. "Demon! Tell us why you attacked this pack." It hissed at the king, causing Aylin to take a step back. "Speak, you disgusting creature!" Ezekiel's voice turned dark immediately. 

A maniacal laugh left the creature. "For her," it simply responded. 

"But why her?" 

"He wants her." 

"Who does?" 

The demon was silent for a moment. During the interaction, Aylin wanted to run into the cell, and beat the answers out of it. She was tired of being run around in circles. "Tell us, you  bastard!" she yelled. 

Chuckling darkly, the demon looked her right in the eye. It felt as though he was looking through her. "Zagan," he finally answered. 

"Oh shit," Ezekiel said. 

"Why does Zagan want Aylin?" Daemon angrily asked. 

"Why don't you ask her?" he replied, amused. 

All eyes turned to Aylin. 

"Do you know what he's talking about?" Ezekiel asked her. Eyes widened at the demon, she fell speechless. "Aylin!" 

Whipping her head to her mate, his eyes were dark with rage. "I-I don't know anything. I swear it." 

The demon started laughing darkly at them. "Then you don't know that you have demon blood in you." 

"What did you say?" Gazing at the demon, his eyes were not lying to her. "I'm not a demon, I'm a werewolf." 

"Maybe you should ask your mother about that." 

"My mother is dead." 

"That's what you think." 

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