Skies the limit...

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Brandon Dwarf was a lawyer. A mino among the sharks however. But that was to be expected seeing as how he was only 30. But he was getting the big gut that seemed to be popular among the successful lawyers. And he was getting a good start. Brad worked for a major law firm in New york, but all of that was bound to change eventually since his success rate is only a 57 percent. Not that good at all.

Sure enough Brad found himself in his bosses office. He was wearing his fancy suit, and carrying around his briefcase even though he knew what was going to happen when he got the call to come in early. But he had always been an optimist, and so came prepared just on the off chance that it was a promotion.

"Sorry Brad but you're fired." As it turned out the call was not for a promotion at all. But of course that was expected.

"What? You're firing me?" Brad was going to try and guilt his way out of this even though his boss was a cold hearted man. "Why are you firing me?"

"Your track record is terrible my friend." The boss said as he slammed a manila folder down onto his desk. The folder was labeled with Brads name. The boss flipped it open and pointed to two of Brads most recent cases. "These two were the easiest that we could find and you still managed to fuck them up!"

"Look everyone has their bad days and-"

"These were some really bad days then Brad. I'm sorry but you really can't help use here. I'ts a losing battle if we keep you here."

"But boss-"

"Stop trying to lawyer your way out of this boy!" The boss slammed his fists down onto his desk. "Now get out of my office. And don't forget to collect your things."


Brad felt humiliated having to walk out of that building, all the while holding everything that he had on his desk in a small card board box which could barley hold everything in it. But the worst part was having to walk the five blocks just to get to the parking garage where he parked his car. He kept getting looks from complete strangers because they knew what just happened... They knew he was just fired, and they were laughing at him on the inside, and for that he hated them all. But that rage was miss directed and he knew that. He knew that his real target was the boss. But there was nothing he could really do about it anyway.

Eventually Brad made it to the parking garage and walked all the way up to the second floor from the top. He like to park as high up as possible because it reduced the risk of his car getting stolen, but today the top floor was completely taken... Which was certainly a first. He walked over to his Cadillac and then put down the box. With his hands now free he fished the keys out of his pockets, and reached the one to his car toward the lock on the door. And then something really weird happened. Something that his mind couldn't quite figure out until the scratch in the paint grew longer and kept going farther down on the car. And then his mind figured it out for him. His car was floating up. "What the hell?" Was all he got to say before the car touched to roof and instantly sounded it's alarm. Then he noticed the items in the box also began floating up. And then he began floating as well.

At first it just felt like he was becoming weightless, and then came the floating. He floated right up to the roof. It felt like it wanted to go farther. It felt like it just wanted to press him straight through the roof.

Brad didn't quite know what to make of the situation. He tried climbing into the car. He figured that if he just added a bit more weight then it would drop like a rock. That however is not what happened. If anything it just made the thing try to go higher, causing it to crunch the roof a bit. And that's when he took a look at the outside world. Everything was floating up in the air. People who didn't have anything to hold onto just kept going up. And then a little old lady floated right up past him screaming "It's the rapture! We are Gods Chosen!" She continued screaming that until she disappeared out of sight.

The car also continued to get heavier (In the wrong way) So Brad figure it was in his best interest if he just got out. And that's when things got worse. The sky began lighting up in an orange color. And the fried remains of people began dropping from the sky. The body of the old lady included. What goes up must come back down.

Brad and his lawyering skills realized that It was a judgment. For the bad that was.

Autor's Note: Hey guys... Yup it's not that good. It was rushed because of real life, and that made it a bit choppy. However I may go back and revise it another time. Not right now though. Also I would like to apologize to anyone of a religious faith if I may have offended you. This is a story, and it is supposed to be a disturbing story. If you didn't want to read anything disturbing then what are you doing reading this story?

Anyway with that out of the way I will just say that I hope to see you all again in the next and much better story that will follow this one in the list on my main page. :)

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