❤︎Chapter 27: The Secret of Tomomi's Heart

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Momoka's POV

I woke up one Saturday morning to a loud phone and 23 missed calls. All of my friends — and some of Tomomi's too, had all been trying to get ahold of me. Being a heavy sleeper didn't always have its perks.

Sleepily, I rub at my eyes and lift the phone to my face, calling back the first person who's name my eyes fell on. Reina.

She picks up almost immediately after the first ring, sounding frantic.

"Momoka! Why haven't you been answering your phone?"

"I was asleep...?" I sit up cautiously, my heart pounding in my chest with worry. She sounded really upset. "Reina, what's —"

"Tomomi is in the hospital! They said he was having heart issues in the middle of basketball practice."

At some point, as the world begins to fall away like shattered glass, my cellphone falls to the floor. My gut twists in horror at the news as I'm overcome by absolute dread. As I replay the words I had heard Reina tell me, my hands fly to my mouth.

Heart problems. Tomomi is having heart problems. He's in the hospital. My Tomomi is in the hospital. The hospital...

"Oh no.."

I couldn't think to hold back the tears as they started to run down my face, and I didn't expect to stop them until I saw Tomomi was alright.

But to my dismay, Reina and I couldn't get ahold of any of the boys to get information on the hospital, Tomomi's condition, and when he'd be discharged. It was ironic, I supposed, since I'd been the one sleeping, completely oblivious to what was going on in the outside world. And now that I was awake and waiting for an update, I wasn't getting one any time soon.

Hours pass, and I even text Tomomi myself. I wasn't sure if he would be in the position to respond to me, but it was worth a shot, I supposed. I was so afraid, and all I prayed for was to see his lovely, smiling face. I become so consumed with worry that I lock myself in my bedroom.

I wasn't sure if any of my siblings had come to check on me, maybe they had and I just didn't react to them. But my mother made her presence obvious. She opened my door and came to comfort me. I turn and look out the window through my blurry tears, my chest hurting. I wished very briefly that you could go to the hospital from a broken heart. Maybe I'd be taken to the same hospital as Tomomi in a brilliant twist of fate.

I explain to situation in as much detail as I can to my mother before I burst into tears. This was the first time I'd told her about Tomomi, and under such unfortunate circumstances.

"I see, so you love this boy..." my mother holds me tightly as I cry in her arms. I expect her to yell, or to shout, or be angry that I kept such a relationship from her, but all I receive is understanding and comfort.

"I know it seems hard, Momoka, but all you can do is wait for news...you have to be strong." My mother's embrace envelops me in her scent, and it's a great sense of comfort, enough for me to relax and eventually fall asleep in her arms.

I awake, sometime at night to a call from Tomomi's friend Tadashi.

I answer the second I hear it ring, although I hadn't checked the caller ID.

"Yes?!" I answer, and the familiar voice rings out on the other end.


"Tadashi?! Tomomi is..."

"He's doing alright. The doctor says he pushed himself too much..."

"He's alright?!" I cry tears of relief, but hold back my sobs in order to hear more of the news.

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