Chapter:19 ~ Threat (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:


'Excuse me, Can you tell me the direction for this address.', A stranger stopped as he pulled a slip in front of me.

'Umm...yeah sure.', I replied as I took the paper to see.

'Ouch!', I screamed lowly as I felt pain in my index finger. I looked to see a blood drop coming out from my finger. It was due to the pin which was in the hand of this person.

I looked to see his face which carried a smirk looking at me. I felt myself getting unconscious before I could speak anything in reflex.


My head felt heavy after this concussion. It is dark everywhere when I opened my eyes. I tried to move but my body feels very weak. My hands are tied to the chair and my mouth is sealed with a tape.

My eyes feel it difficult to judge anything clearly.

'Good morning, Ariana.', I heard a man's voice from the left side. I was unable to speak because of the tape.

I turned my face away as I felt his hand grazed over my face. I felt disgusted at this touch.

He came in front of me giving a glance of his face. His hairs are dirty so is his beard. His creepy smile is sending fear in my body. He has a knife in his hand which he is using as his toy.

He placed the knife on my face and grazed with its pointed end. 

'I was waiting for you to come in your senses. And I am dying to see everything behind these clothes.', He said with a very dirty smile which made my body shiver in fear.

He removed the tape from my mouth and I was able to breath air which was deficient in my lungs.

'Are you fine, baby?', He said touching my face. I feel disgusted.

'Who are you? Why are you doing this?', I was unable to raise my voice as I am still feeling the dizziness.

'In simple words, I am your future murderer.', He said making my eyes widen in shock.


I can't die. I am pregnant. I want to meet my baby. I want to spend my life with my baby.

Before meeting this creep, I had went to the clinic. I got to hear my baby's heartbeat today. How can I die?

'What? I didn't do anything wrong. I swear, I even don't know you. Please leave me.', I begged as I felt myself dying just by his words.

He laughed at my face.

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