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Sometimes what is found on the doorstep is never something you want to receive.

Evie had contemplated the words of Simon well into the night. She remained in the same seat, staring blankly towards the flowers around her. It must have been hours that she sat there. So much so that the morning had slipped into the darkness of night. She was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she had never noticed someone else joining her in the gardens. She didn't notice them sitting down next to her. 

She only noticed the person's presence when they took her hand in their own. She slowly turned her head to see who it was. Her fight or flight setting was ready to kick in depending on who had made themselves aware of her. However, Evie was happy to see that it was Izzy who had joined her in the garden. Without saying anything she intertwined the two's hands. And they sat there for slightly longer. 

No word was spoken between the two rather they both stood and headed out. Their destination at first was unknown until Evie's stomach made them aware of how long she had gone without food. Therefore, the destination changed to the kitchen as they gathered the two could go no longer without substance. 

Neither of the two girls was excellent cooks. Evie had remembered the first time she had heard about Izzy's lack of cooking ability. Her lack of cooking ability came from her disinterest in it. It seemed too slow, too normal, and perhaps too feminine for herself to be involved in. She did know how to cook one thing. So the pair had to settle for pancakes. Whilst eating Evie had also decided that this was the proper time to become a sugar junkie as she filled her plate with the highest sugar contented food possible. This was also the moment when a comfortable silence washed over them. 

Though the comfort brought on by the food and the company was soon interrupted. Alarms blared through the institute. Evie had not been around long enough to understand what the alarms were for. She had no clue why all of a sudden Izzy became hypersensitive to their surroundings or why a small crowd of people started to gather close to the front door of the institute. She, however, was aware when the small crowd included her sister and the remaining members of the quintet as they had been referred to. She stood slowly with Izzy at her side as she joined the rest. She was thankful, that she was not the only person to have no idea what was going on. 

"What's happening?" Clary asked stating the question which was too on her mind. 

"Looks like someone is trying to break in" Came the response from who Evie would happily call the most attractive shadowhunter there. So they decide what was the best thing to do. Risk their lives once again to go and look. Best idea they'd ever had. Evie prepped herself for a full-on ambush hoping to get back to the fighting she seemed to enjoy more each time it happened. 

When they left though, the sight upon them was not anything Evie could have guessed to see. There stood one of the vampires from the time Simon was kidnapped the first time around. In said vampires, arms were the guy she had talked to only hours previously. It was Simon. And by the angel did he not look well. All colour had drained from his face and she was certain that she had not seen his chest move. There was no indication that he was breathing. 

Evie watched on as Clary cried out for Simon as she lost it over the fact that as the Vampire, who she had learnt was named Raphael, had confirmed was in fact dead. She couldn't believe it though. Only hours prior had she talked with him. She had heard his voice for what was the last time not too long ago. She was quite likely the last person he ever spoke too. She didn't care for the arguments they were having over whether this was right or not.

Yes, Simon could be annoying. Yes, her sister could be with someone better than him. But he did not deserve this. And he definitely did not deserve to spend the rest of his life as a member of the undead. They weren't his wishes and this was something she was not going to allow to happen.

"Your friend can be resurrected" Raphael had explained. 

Evie watched as everyone else began to protest the option. She was happy that the majority of them were as unhappy with the idea as she was. The only problem. Clary was not against it. She wanted to hear everything so she could make an 'educated' decision. But it was not her decision. This was something that Simon should have decided. And if her sister had gotten off her high horse and listened to her supposed 'best friend' when he called maybe, just maybe, she would have been aware of these wishes. But once again no one's life could ever be as worse as the precious Clary Fray. No one else had it as hard as her. This was obviously a lie. And Evie was furious. 

"Clary stop. Listen to yourself. You're ready to put your best friend through some sort of transitional state just so that you can spend more time with him. Your ready to do this out of some selfish reason as to why he must be transformed. Did you even stop to listen to him? Did you answer his calls at all yesterday, today? Have you slowed down to think about him and his problems? Don't even attempt to answer. Because we all know your answer. It's no, isn't it? You haven't thought about him in days. It's because he is not as important as you are. His problems, his worries they're not as important as anything you're going through. Am I getting it right? This is because there's nothing or no one who could ever go through something like you. No one ever has any problems as bad as your own. When was the last time you listened to him? I bet if you had you would know his wishes. You would know that he has been worried for days now about the possibility that he was transitioning into a vampire. You would also know that his deepest wishes are to remain as he is. He wants to be left to die in peace. He wants a happy Jewish burial. He does not want this!" Evie stated her voice raising the more she said. Her voice rose as her anger towards her sister rose. 

"You don't know anything Evie. You think you're all high and mighty. But you're not. You're weak. You're stupid. And you're a waste of space. Don't go lecturing me about best friends I didn't kill mine. " Clary snapped back 

Tears welled in Evie's eyes as she saw the look of pure hatred on her sisters face. The hurt she was feeling was fueling her words. Any filter she had to control what she was going to say evaporated. Looking at the others would not help either. They all seemed to be too shocked about what was going on between the sisters. 

"I got my best friend killed? I didn't drag mine into this life. I didn't force my opinions and self-righteousness on them. I respected her opinions. And for crying out loud I was there for her no matter what. Every time she called or left a message I ensured to call her back and work through her problems. I never thought of myself above them. I'm telling you now to listen to his wishes and opinions. Whatever you do don't bury him." Evie claimed in an attempt to calm the situation down. 

"What makes you think I'm going to listen to you. I'm the better twin. When have you ever been right about something? Never. I've always been right whereas you are always wrong. You think I'm going to believe a stupid lie you've created about talking to Simon. He doesn't even like you. He only spends time with you because you're always with me. You've clung to me so he's had to tolerate you. So why on Earth would he talk to you?" Clary fired back. 

"I'm not going to be around you if you're not listening to reason. I'm out. I'm not being part of this." Evie exclaimed walking out into the darkness.

No shouts told her to turn around. No one moved to go after her. The others were in too much of a shock to go after her. 

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