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Dear readers, haruhixouran here :( I'm sorry to say that

That I am pulling your leg. Wait.. Don't turn off your laptop. I promise I'll be serious {haruhixouran wails, grabbing the last bits of code keeping you on this page}

Sorry {cries again } about that but anyway I'm not quitting this story but I am going on a break. I promise that I am not abandoning this story but I have a workload that I am trying so desperately to finish. I finally know how the Hokages feel from Naruto. It's like trying to dig with the back of shovel. Extremely, painstakingly hard. Also the plot babies that I have in my head are practically leaping away like Peter Rabbit. So I promise I will work on this during March Break but as a busy 13 year old like myself, I must work on my time management. So anyway, during this lovely time I will be posting a What if story of my own creation. It's like drabbles that are one shots that are hopefully interesting. I will be doing a What if Harry Potter ? and a What if ?(Anime style). Hopefully you read them. If not, myself and 2 other fabulous Wattpadians such as annoyingbrat223 and NyxStarStone to be exact, are doing a drag Cinderella story that is lightly based off the colorful personalities in our class. It will be full of memes, weird teens, awful grammar and a whole lot of what-the-heck-am-I-reading moments ! So please enjoy while I work on the plot bunnies, because like real bunnies they just keep multiplying. Please enjoy this teaser that I put so you aren't mad at me. {makes sad face}


Izuku's pov

'Dog on it, dog on it, dog on it ! I forgot tonight was Yakisoba night'. I quickly take off the maid outfit and get back into the uniform in like 2 minutes. I feel some eyes on me but I assume it's from the scars on my back. I groan, I wish I wasn't so forgetful. This is probably why dad only lets me take care of dinner for two nights of each week. I hear the bell ring and debate if I should use my teleportation part of my quirk. I'm not sure about everything about my quirk because I learn different things about it every day. When I was five years old, I had finally realized my quirk made people like me. When my mum died, I found out that I could hear the thoughts of people if I concentrated hard. Two years ago, I fell out of a tree after trying to rescue a cat who got stuck. I got the cat but then he moved and we fell out of the tree. That's when I realized the teleportation part of my quirk. It's only this year that I realized the truth of my quirk. My mother had written a letter years ago, to my future self. She explained how Hisashi Midoriya was only a fake name made my a villain whose real name she didn't know. It turns out half my quirk comes from his. The quirk doctor, I found out years ago had a small telepathic ability and when my mum was killed I started hearing the thoughts of people around me when I focus. It was like I suddenly had his quirk. That's when I started to get suspicious and searched my mum's stuff that she left in a vault for me at the bank. That's when I found out, all I knew. It was all wrong !

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