Our Little Miracle

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God came as a humming bird,

Whispered to me these very words.

I need you my little angel to come now,

There are things to do that only you have the know how.


Little one I know you are only seven,

I need your special love to flow to the children from heaven.

Many need your loving hand,

To guide them through earths troubled land.


Many will cry, mourn, and ask why,

Someone so amazing had to die.

You just left that earthly shell,

To stand with God on his holy stairwell.


Hear all, don't cry she is still here,

The rain are her tears of joy showing she is near.

The wind is her kiss on your cheek,

Telling you she is still close by helping the meek.


She walks with the Lord helping each child,

To understand this world can be kind and mild.

So a warrior of God she is now and forever more,

She will watch over her family and children till we all walk that heavenly shore.

This was written for my grand daughter who was killed in a drowning . She will never leave my heart or my mind . I love you Mimi.  Marie Jacobs  June 24 2012

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