Chapter 11

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Bri Pov

I woke up to see Qua sleep. Yea see we went to sleep but woke up at like 3 and went at it for bout a hour . Talk about ride a dick like a bmx 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅. I sat up and he tightened his grip on my waist

Qua:where u goin

Me:*chuckles* im gettin up so i can go see the twins

Qua:tell mama ima come over there when i get up

Me: ok

He let me go and i got up . I brushed my teeth washed my face and took a shower. I got out lotioned my body and put on (mm) . I walked out the bathroom.

Me:im finna go Keyate

Qua: ight babygirl

Me:*kisses him*

Qua:*kisses back*

I got my keys and left .

Mama House

Me:hey mama *hugs her*

Mama:hey baby *hugs back*

Me: Qua said he'll be here when he get up

Mama: alright cmon

We went in they room and saw em watchin spongebob

Me:hey babies *picks up De* hey babyboy

De:*smiles bitin his hand*

Me:yo brother aint been tryna bite u again did he

De:*baby noises*


I was there for almost a hour then i left . Since me and Jada somewhat cool we walked a block . We ended up by a trap house . Thats all i remembered and i went black

Ari Pov

Everybody was chillin in the livin room . Bri been gone to long tho

Laylay: im worried about Bri she aint texted or called nobody

Qua called Mama Huncho.  She said Bri left bout a hour ago . So we started thinking.

Take:she went to the park wit Jada

MexLaylay:shit !!


Me:Deydey and Jada

Laylay: Deydey had his eyes on Bri for a while

Qua:*pissed off*

We rode a block in different cars . Then Laylay called us

Laylay: she at the trap house Deydey and Jada got her . We cant just go in tho its to many niggas

Qua:bet *hangs up*

Me: they better watch out cause Huncho pissed tf off

Laylay:all of em is Take walked out Set finna shoot somebody cona and the rest of em finna do some dumb shit

Me: fuck

Bri Pov

I woke up in somebody bed . I looked around but it was dark i couldn't see . I felt 4 different hands touch me . Each and every one of em got hit to the ground . I punched 2 of em and kicked the other to . I got up and tried to find my phone. I noticed i was in my bra and panties. I looked in my pocket and went black again .

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