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THE MISSION THAT NOBODY WAS READY FOR HAD FINALLY COME AROUND. Nathaniel was all ready to go, dressed in his usual agent uniform, and whatever else he needed to prepare himself. The Clairvoyant squeezed his eyes shut, attempting to pull together another vision, in hopes that the fate had changed. But as he searched for anything that he could about the upcoming mission, he shook his head. There was a bit of anxiety flaring up within him, which made him rush out of his apartment and down the hall to the Maximoff apartment. He knocked on the door and found himself standing in front of Fawn.

The shapeshifter narrowed her eyes at Nathaniel as she was dressed in her Enigma uniform, tilting her head to the side, "Nate? What's up?"

"What are your complete abilities as a shapeshifter?" Nathaniel was quick to ask, which only made Fawn narrow her eyes at him. He watched as there was a small flicker of bright blue before it faded away. "Fawn, it's important."

"For animals, I can replicate whatever actions they can do. Flying, swimming, breathing underwater. Just about anything. But humans or enhanced beings? I don't know, I haven't attempted that yet," Fawn answered him as she folded her arms over her chest. The shapeshifter glimpsed over her shoulder, before pulling Nathaniel into the apartment. "Pietro is gone. Over at Wanda's. What is this about, Hyde?"

"I want you to shift into Tory. See if you can dive into her past visions," Nathaniel explained to her, and Fawn was quick to give him a 'are you serious' look. He let out a heavy sigh as he ran his fingers over his face, before turning to face her. "Clairvoyants have the ability of going back into their visions. Do you think you can do that?"

She inhaled deeply, before making her way over toward the couch. He watched as her skin shifted from its usual light tone, over to the tanned skin of Tory Verde. The shapeshifter stared at him, before taking a seat. Nathaniel rushed over to her, before sitting on the coffee table in front of her. She stared ahead of her as she tried to concentrate. He reached for her knee and rested his hand there, as she closed her eyes and attempted to dig inside of Tory's mind.

Dozens of visions unraveled in Fawn's mind, and Nathaniel could tell that she was beginning to be overwhelmed by the knowledge that Tory had received, but when her eyes snapped back open and Fawn shifted back to her normal self, her eyes landed on Nathaniel and she shook her head.

"Fawn? What did you see?" Nathaniel questioned her, and Fawn shook her head.

"It's not going to work," Fawn breathed as she thought about the vision that she had just seen, and Nathaniel could see the pain that was opening in her eyes and mind. She lowered her head, throwing her face into her hands. He could hear that she was beginning to cry, something that she wasn't known for doing. But when she lifted her head, her eyes landed on Nathaniel. "The plan. The one that Tory had pieced together. It won't work. It fails in the end. If it fails, why would she even have us go through with it?"

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