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"I can't even roll in peace, everybody notice me"


"The nice thing about a penthouse is the view. Sitting on the balcony, thinking, really relaxes you." Justin has been talking my ear off the entire drive to his house.  Every time I fall silent he brings up another useless conversation, probably to make sure I stop crying.

I sniffle, fiddling with my small hoop earring. I hear Justin sigh and his warm hand is placed on my bare thigh. "Tonight, you don't have to worry about anything. It's about me," he leans over to kiss my cheek, "and you."

I give him a weak smile. "Thanks, Justin," I murmur, placing my hand on top of his that remains on my leg. He smiles back, then returns his attention to the road as we near his penthouse suite. I always loved big apartments, they remind me of the movies and it used to be my goal to own one. Justin's will probably exceed any expectations and goals I once had for my apartment.

The building from the outside is marvelous. It's high in the clouds with multiple sparkling windows and an extravagant lobby. The woman sitting at the concierge desk gives Justin a large smile. "Mr. Bieber, it's been ages! How have you been." She moves her eyes to me and smiles even wider. "Hello, Miss...?"

"Finch," I say quietly.

"Well, Ms. Finch, I hope you enjoy your stay."

"She will." Justin smirks and places a hand on my neck, leading us to the elevator.  I bite my lip at his words as his grip on my neck is tight and firm, showcasing his possessiveness to any onlookers.  Men who are sitting at the bar immediately tear their gazes away from us as Justin's eyes turn dark and narrow ever so slightly.  He is clearly not one to be fucked with - as if I didn't know that already.

We enter the elevator and Justin presses the penthouse button.  Within seconds, I'm trapped between the wall and his body.  He digs his head into my neck, breathing in deeply. "Why do all men have to stare at you, huh?"

I shrug, "I suppose I'm irresistible."  I can't help but have my conscious hurl insults at myself for allowing Justin to become so playful again. I just found out that Justin has known me for longer that he wants to tell me, and that Jacob wants my head.

He chuckles, "That you certainly are." He steals a kiss from my lips just before the elevator dings to indicate we have reached his home. We step into his apartment the second we leave the elevator, just like the movies. My eyes wander around the modern place, my feet instantly taking me towards the balcony.

Everything in Toronto is always lit up. The CN Tower displays different colours each night, while the buildings around match. Tonight it is red. Every building showcases red lights and the Tower has a large red stripe while the circular plates flash the colour of blood - the colour of Justin's hands. I never was afraid of blood, it just isn't something that bothers me. But every time I see it on Justin's knuckles I want to vomit.

I had not even noticed Justin come up behind me, opening the door to the balcony and motioning for me to follow. The wind is a little stronger from such a high place in the sky, but it is warm and relaxing. I take no time in curling up on one of the seats that face the city. Justin plants a hand on my head, lightly massaging it before walking back inside.

A sigh leaves my parted lips. I feel safe, I feel safer than I ever do in my own bedroom. And I have no idea why. I didn't want to. I wish I had the power to leave, to know that Justin is only bad news, and that I truly was safer in my own home. Maybe it is because I would like to think Justin will protect me, or I'm just another stupid girl trapped behind a reckless man.

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