Chapter 44: A Deadly Proposition

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Alpha James gave me an odd look as I adjusted myself over and over again before feeling comfortable in the chair I currently sat in

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Alpha James gave me an odd look as I adjusted myself over and over again before feeling comfortable in the chair I currently sat in. My muscles, along with another essential body part, felt stiff for reasons that were more than obvious.

For the hundredth time, my thoughts strayed to who could be at the door. My concentration had been off all day. I squeezed my eyes shut before reeling in my focus.  I'd managed to get ahold of a handful of Alphas in the short amount of time I had. I, along with five others, sat in front of a screen, devising a plan. I filled them in on everything that had happened, making sure to include every little detail. 

"So, you're telling me that whoever is commandeering the Black Wolves, now that Gael is dead, has left you a message, warning you. Either the leader is overly confident, or he/she genuinely has the resources to take you down," said Alpha Edzai.

I unclenched my hands, and ran them down my thighs to clean off the perspiration that had gathered there. It had been an hour, and all we'd come up with was the simple plan of dividing up troops to guard each entrance of the pack, to increase security, and limit who or what gets into the pack. It was simple, yet it was the smartest thing to do right now.

"Yes," I said begrudgingly.

I'd tried going after the falcon once, but it'd ended with multiple injuries and no further information. It was as if Gael had trapped us into a dark corner with no intentions to let us go.

"Can you repeat the reason as to why he targeted you?"

I huffed out an impatient breath, annoyed with the naivety of Alpha James.

"His daughter killed herself over my apparent rejection of her."

He cocked his head to the side.

"Then why'd he send his only other daughter to you?"

"He's a lunatic?" I said, shrugging. I didn't get the reason behind Gael's actions. He was obviously more tied up with revenge than caring for his family.

"Can you trust her? His other daughter, I mean."

For a second, I contemplated saying yes, but I knew saying it would not make it the truth.

"I don't know."

My defeated tone lead to a moment of silence. It was odd for them to see me so defeated. We decided to end the call only minutes later, knowing nothing useful was to come out of it.

I swiveled my chair around and slumped back. Death and violence plagued my thoughts as I imagined the hell that was bound to wash over my pack three days from now.

The door to my office cracked opened and I got up, my head bowed low.

A throat being cleared brought me back to my senses. I slowly raised my eyes to find myself looking into a familiar pair of green ones.

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