52. Savages Birthday!

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AN; Hey fellow readers! Even though Dec 31,2017 already passed I'm still publishing this because I worked hard on it and don't feel like earasing it! So I hope you enjoy and Savage (aka me) turnd 17 in this chapter! Enjoy!

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52.Savages birthday

It's been a couple of days since christmas and I was still flustered about it. Me and PJ still hung out but occasionally we would blush, especially if a certain Latino was there.

Speaking of the Latino; Savage, PJ, Palette and I went to the mall to shop. Savage had no idea we were shopping for her but that was mainly because she ran off with Wild and Jessica to look at dragon necklaces and gamers merchandise. (my real best friend not Jessica Grey but i might add her)

I had to hide for a bit seeing as one of the people from Lux's gang was walking around, PJ and Palette asked me what was going on but I just told them nothing. It was worth it though seeing as I got Savage a few things for her coming up birthday.

"So how old is Savage again?" Palette asked as I glanced at him then continued wrapping the present.

"She's going to be 17." I stated.

"..." They were both silent to i looked up at them questioning it.

"She's 17? She looks 15 or 14." PJ said as I laughed a little.

"Everyone says that about her! If she were here she'd be laughing even though she'd be confused, and she would shout out; Why does everybody think that!?" I laughed after making an impression of the latino finishing up the last box and hiding them.

After hiding the presents I made some hot coco making sure there was seven cups, since Ivory, and Wild were coming with Savage. The moment i made the last cup of hot chocolate the front door swung open.

"Greetings! My dear extreemely diffrent skittles! We have arri- Oh is that hot chocolate!?" Savage squealed jumping for a cup after dropping her dramatic act she does everyday.

"Oh my Irene, your giving her sugar. That is basically illegal and a sin, you can't be sweet to Satan and expect anything good mate." Ivory stated as Savage flicked her off while gulping down the hot chocolate.

"No thank you Amber
I don't want to fuck with you." She rolled her eyes as Amber hummed

"I wasn't offering but hey, ya still missing out." Savage sgrugged as Ivory just smirked at the Latinos come back.

"Your such a duck." Ivory said.

"Okay fine by me, quack quack mother ducker!" Savage claimed as we all laughed, my laughter was the first to die down though.

Something was werid, Savage seemed diffrent. I observed her head to toe and repeated a second time, until finally seeing the difference.

"You cut and dyed your hair?" I asked as she nodded.

Her hair was cut up to her neck just barely hovering over her shoulders, one side longer than the other. The top of her hair was dyed dark brown going down into a carmel until finally turning into a orange color. Of course she still had her signature side bangs though.

"I felt I needed a new look. After all...New year, New me!" She claimed.

"Literally a new her. Shes 17 now." Wild smiled as PJ walked up taking one of my hats.

"What are you doing?" I asked as PJ put my hat on Savages head.

"She looks like she's a 90's kid this way. A lot like you actually." Ivory stated glancing towards me.

"Yeah but she's seems a little more..." Wild trailed off thinking probably of a word.

"Edgy?" PJ said as we all nodded.

"Very edgy." I stated as we all laughed.

"What ever you derps!" Savage stated jokingly as she pulled out a loaf of bread to make a sandwich.

"Your the only derp here." PJ stated and Savage immediately snickered evilly glaring at him, continuing to cut a piece bread for her self until i heard her next words.

"Get a loaf of life bitch!" She shouted playfully throwing the bread directly in his face, causing him to jump.

I couldn't hold back my laugh at his reaction, his reaction was just to adorably funny not to laugh at.

"Excuse me? Loaf of life?" PJ laughed as Savage nodded.

"Yes, you see we all must to school to get our edjimucation so we can go to coolege and get a loof! Not that we want to of course." She stated bubbly as she miss pronounced words wrong on purpose.

"I already have my edjumucation." He stated mimicking her voice as she grinned evilly.

"Tell that to your math grade." She stated as i gasped.

"PJ, you said your grade in math was at least a C!" I shouted.

"You said you wouldn't say anything!" He shouted at Savage as she shrugged smiling like an idiot.

"Yeah I did say that, but after that I also said unless i feel like it; and here I thought I was the one with memory issues, sheesh!" She stated giggling as he rolled his eyes.

'I'm so making him study later...' I thought crossing my arms and sighing quietly.

*Time skip brought to you by tiny Turtles!*


Ahhhh!!!!" I yelped dodging another firework.

Now i know what your probably thinking. Did the count down just finish? Did the firework fall while being lit? Did Savage cause this? Yes, no, and yes.

The count down just finished and so everyone is out side and so are we, so while everyone is shooting fire works at the sky...savage is shooting fireworks at us.

She nearly caught the house on fire but thankfully Jessica Faught, Savages childhood bestfriend is use to this and is distinguishing the fire as I explain this to you.

"Amber are you done?" Jessica asked as Savage turned around.

"Yeah I think I'm do-" She was cut off with a yelp as the single and last firework shot out breaking through the window.

The only thing seen from outside was bright lights going off inside as a bright glowing amber like flame started, with a sigh and a knowing smile Jessica walked off inside the house to put it out.

"Amber!" I shouted as she put down her make shift gun she taped the fireworks to, as her shoulders slightly slouched.

"Crap, i think that was my favorite pillow i just set on fire...thats why I have three more!" She cheered as I shook my head knowing i was stuck with this amazing idiot for the rest of my life.

"Is she done trying to light everything up?" PJ asked peeking out from behind a tree.

"Correction, I'm done lighting everything up." She laughed waltzing inside.

Everyone came over and sang happy birthday to Savage, including (Y/N) and (Y/F/N).

Savage got multiple video games, Lindsey Stirling merchandise, art supplies, and a costume for her part in a musical. She got some anime movies and fluffy blankets, along with new headphones and a blue violin.

The day for the most part was extremely eventful besides the few moment's we all sat back and relaxed; alomat all the eventful moments due to Savages urge to do something as crazy as her sanity.

Soon we all passed out for staying up all night.

AN; Crappy chapter? Yes i know but i wanted to get back to the plot so yay! Anyway hope you all enjoy!

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