The Circus

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This was requested by rapid34 ! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy.

Louis- 3
Harry (Papa)- 26
Liam (Daddy)- 27

"Lou, honey, wake up." Harry whispered sweetly, playing with Louis' hair as the boy slowly opened his eyes, lightly sucking on his dummy. He rolled over, so his face was pressed against the bars of his bed. When Harry and Liam first got him his big boy bed, he kept falling out, so they added some bars for protection until his body learned to stay a bit more still.
"Circus?" The boy asked quietly in a husky voice, looking up at his papa with big blue eyes. Harry chuckled at him, as that was all he had been talking about all day. It was spring, which meant one of the circuses from London would come into town for a couple of shows over the weekend. Liam and Harry had bought tickets, thinking it could be fun. For the past couple of days, that's all Louis talked about.
"Yes, sweetheart, we're going to the circus. But first, we need to get some food in that tummy of your's!" Harry said, giving his son's tummy a few pats, making the boy giggle.

"Are you wet?" Harry then asked, already heading to the changing table. Potty training for Louis had been difficult. He didn't really showing any sort of interest to it, and actually loved his nappies. Harry and Liam had talked to a doctor about it, and he just said that it was a phase and that he would grow out of it soon enough.
"Yes, Papa," He replied, rubbing his eyes cutely.

Once he was changed, Harry brought him downstairs where Liam had just finished making lunch. All three plates had fruit, Harry's and Liam's had a wrap, and Louis had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Liam also planned on giving Louis a cookie, but he decided to wait since he knew the boy would eat that first if it was on his plate.
"Good afternoon, Louis! My goodness, you slept for so long!" Liam exclaimed, kissing the boy's cheek repeatedly.
"Stop, Daddy! We gotta eat fast so we can go to the circus!" Louis rushed out, squirming to get into his booster seat.
"Not too fast, Lou," Liam reminded, sitting down and taking a bite of his delicious wrap.

After lunch, The men quickly loaded the nappy bag and dressed Louis in some more comfortable walking clothes. They were finally ready. They were soon in the car driving towards the colourful tents and cheery music, Louis bouncing impatiently in his car seat.
"What are we going to see at the circus, Daddy?" The excited boy asked.
"Well, there's going to be elephants, and monkeys, and circus performers, and clowns, and lots of other things!" Liam explained, looking through the rearview mirror as Harry drove.

"Huuuurrryyy uuuuup!" Louis whined, tugging on each of Harry and Liam's hands as they were trying to get everything they needed from the car. He couldn't help it! He was just so excited!
"Louis, you need to be patient or we're not going in." Liam said sternly. At that, Louis stopped tugging and watched with impatient eyes as they got everything. Harry tied Louis' coat around his waist, telling him to put it on if he was cold. Liam and Harry carried their coats, Liam swinging the nappy bag over her shoulder.
"Okay," Liam said with a sigh. "Now we can go!" Louis squealed, taking each of his Daddies hands and dragging them to the brightly coloured tents. There were lots of other parents with children there as well, who were matching Louis' excitement.

They first entered a tent that was littered, and I mean littered with candy. Everywhere they looked there was candy. Now, both men were strict when it came to what Louis ate, but they decided to let him go crazy today, as he was only a kid and he needed to have fun sometimes.
"Papa, what's that?" Louis asked, looking a bag above him with brightly coloured cloudy stuff. He had never seen it before, but it looked lovely.
"That's cotton candy, honey. Would you like some?" Harry asked, watching Louis' animated eyes. Louis nodded, asking for the blue bag.

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