Chapter#:14 Our Greatest Hero (USJ Part 3)

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Everyone Looks Up In Shock to realize that All Might was standing at the entrance

"All Might" Everyone Screamed Making me cover my ears

Everyone soon stopped when they realized that he was not smiling

All Might Disappeared in front of everyone's eyes only to Reappear down where the two Villain's were

Everyone became silent as they watched All Might Attacks the Thing?

'I Can't Help But Feel Like This Wasen't Going to end well' I Jumped Down From The Entrance Towards The Battlefield

I Put My Hands Behind My Back So I could Summon a Weapon

"Hey" I Said To The Villain With Hands all Over His Body

"What Do You Want" He looked at you annoyingly

"Oh Nothing Really" I said while I started to swing my Baseball Bat

Unfortunately He Caught It with One Hand and the bat started to rot away but Luckily I Jumped Back Before he could touch me

"This Isn't Going to be easy" I said with a sigh

Then I start to Charge at Him once I reached him I realised that If he touches me its game over I grabed his arm and made sure I didn't touch his hand

Once I gained control I stoped time I backed up from him a bit and laughed to see him with his hands up

I Wonder What That Hand attached to his face is there for Oh I'm going to regret this I grabbed the severed hand on his face and pulled it off only to see a man with an ugly face scars and scary eyes

"What the" I stared in shock

I Closed my eyes again to open it up to see The Man standing In front of me panicking for the hand that was in my hand

"Give it Back" He Said In a Panicked Voice

A strange black mist formed behind him "calm down Tomura" The Mist Said

'So thats his name Tomura' I Thought to myself

"Kurogiri He took M-" He was cut off by me throwing the hand back at him

"Here it's not like I'm going to need it anyway" I Said

I Looked over at All Might Fighting that Creature It Looks Like Its Taking All Might's Punches and Punching Back just as much

"Are You Ready To Die" Tomura Said With a Face that shows Insanity

He charged at me with full force trying to grab me But I Quickly Jumped Back and Punched him in the stomach

He Looked Up With Rage and Pointed At Me And Said "Nomu Kill Him"

The Creature Turned to me and attempted to hit me but All Might took the Hit For me

"Young (Y/N) You Need to Leave" All Might Said while struggling

Not listening I Pulled Out They Strongest Weapon I know a Rocket Launcher

'How can I get Nomu off of All Might'

Before I could do anything Midoriya Jumped to attack The Man With The Hands On His Face but his attack was denied when the Strange Creature Blocked his Attack With His Body

'Got It' I Thought

I aimed the Rocket Launcher at Tomura And Fired and as expected Nomu Took the hit

Surprisingly he got down on his Knees
And Gave All Might the Advantage

I summoned handcuffs and walked over to Tomura he didn't notice Because he was to focused on Nomu And I Handcuffed Tomura from the back

And All Might Started To Beat Nomu He Was up in the air and threw Nomu down to the ground he landed and said "hey Villain have you ever heard these words?"

He Continued while pulling his arm back "Go Beyond Plus Ultra!" And Punched him with some kind of aura
Around his arm which sent Nomu in to the sky

"Wow I Underestimated this school" I Said Amazed

I Turn Around to see My Classmates and I looked down to see Tomura Starting to get up but Some kind of Lazer Bullet Rushed Past me into Tomura Leg

"Aaagghghhhh" He Screamed
Causeing Kurogiri To Block Him and Teleport away But All Might seems different I run over to help him to see a half deformed All Might

"You Should be with the Class" He Said Worried

"Okay" I Said Backing Away Until I Passed Out

All Right Thats Done Now So Uh I Will Start Season 2 Like Saturday Because I Have No Right To Be Like Oh Another Month Break any way Like All Ways
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