chapter six ; better call sean

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july. 2001

"Jacob!" The young boy's mother yelled as she walked into their penthouse apartment. She'd been out all day trying to find an acting or singing job for her son. Unfortunately because of Jacob's lack of experience, and well talent, nobody wanted to hire him. She kept telling him that they should just move back to Kansas, but he refused.

Miss Sartorious walked through the kitchen and into the living room. She knew her son was home but the house was very quiet and there was no sign of Jacob.

"I'm h-..." She stopped everything when she walked into the den and saw little Jacob.

What she saw was absolutely mortifying.

Jacob stood next to the coffee table with a steak knife in his left hand. next to Jacob was their now dead cat, sprawled out on the wooden table. The deceased animal laid lifelessly in a pool of blood. The thick red ooze was still dripping out of it's many stab wounds.

The boy's mother was completely frozen in fear. Her son had brutally murdered a poor innocent animal. She couldn't think. Her mind was completely blank and she had no idea what to do.

"Rah!" Jacob grunted as he raised the knife and stabbed it into the cat's neck, one last time. His mother let out a scream of horror as more blood gushed out of the dead creature.

All of a sudden Jacob collapsed onto the floor with a huge grin on his face. As he laid in a small puddle of blood he began to laugh. However it wasn't the kind of laughter you hear after a funny joke. It was a sick and twisted laugh that sounded like it was straight from hell.

Jacob was insane.

november. 2009

After almost two weeks of working with Jacob, Millie was becoming extroardinarily stressed. Yes, they'd quintupled their profits and were selling more meth than ever. But Jacob was starting to become somewhat of a tyrant.

He began to take 55% of all profits instead of the agreed 33.3%. Millie and Finn couldn't do anything about it. Without Jacob they didn't really have a business. Jacob was definitely their leader, and he was a strong leader. He wasn't afraid to intimidate or torture a rival.

It kind of saddened Millie to know that he was so demented on the inside. She always knew that Jacob had a few screws loose, but she never thought he was actually psychotic.

Millie and Finn could barely keep up with the high demand for their product. Pseudoephedrine was very hard to get and with Jacob cracking the whip, they knew they'd be in trouble if they missed a deadline.

Finn was also being pushed to his limits. He was beginning to regret getting into the drug business. He hated working for Jacob. He didn't want to have a boss, he wanted to work for himself.

"Ahem." A man said, clearing his throat. Millie jolted her head sideways and looked at him. She was currently outside sweeping off her front porch. She obviously had no idea who he was or why he was at her house.

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