Samantha gave him a cold dead stare, knowing he did the unthinkable, "You brought those psychopaths into my campus..."

Seeing her being visibly angry, Jacob had to defend his decision, "They will get the job done! If there is a monster running around, I would rather trust them than some Sailor Moon wannabes."

"Go to hell, Jake!" Samantha clambered as she makes her way down the steps.

Jacob went after her and cut her off, "at least talk to them. They are inside right now waiting for us!"

Samantha couldn't stand to look at him. He went back on his word and paid for mercenaries. She knew for a fact people like them don't work cheap. But it wasn't a question of money, it was a matter of principle. Michaela trusted them both to keep it between the three of them, and Jacob didn't.

Jacob continued to defend his decision, "The point is, they already came here yesterday. I was going to tell you about their offer and everything else, until that little bitch showed up."

"Well, that was very sweet of you to go behind my back and make irrational decisions before that 'little bitch' even came into our lives!" Samantha shouted.

"They can handle stuff like this!" Jacob eagerly defended. "The reality of the situation is a clear-cut one."

She wasn't going to pay them a dime, but at least she was a bit curious who they were, "If you say so. Where are they?"

"Follow me," Jacob led as they both walked up the stairs and went inside the library.

The library itself was considerably vast, filled with old and up-to-date textbooks. Wired with the fastest Internet so many others who use Wi-Fi connections can go on the Internet without a problem. They wouldn't use the research room since the library itself was conveniently empty for obvious reasons.

Samantha and Jacob walked right over to the table where a bunch of kemonomimi women was waiting for them.

They were at least four of them. All the females were extremely well-built, well endowed, had wolf ears and tails. Adding insult to injury, they were all dressed scantily clad. Samantha stopped walking immediately and faced Jacob who was enraged now, "what is this, some kind of joke?!"

"And you take your word over a little girl?!" Jacob argued.

Getting their attention, the four wolf kemonomimis saw the two arguing. One of them took upon themselves to go over to them and properly introduce themselves. The wolf kemonomimi was small and had long jet-black hair and purple gradient eyes. She was wearing a tank top with shorts.

Oddly enough she was very personable and polite with the two, "hello, Dixon-sama! Jacob-san told us everything about the situation."

Samantha sighs deeply, but she didn't want to be rude since this little wolf girl made the effort of being approachable, "yes, we have a supposed monster on her hands, Miss..."

"Junichi, Ayeka Junichi," the young Japanese wolf kemonomimi introduced herself. Being the oldest of her squad, Ayeka Junichi had her fair share of battles and shortcomings. Eventually ending up at the Oleander Syndicate as somewhat of a motherly figure to a bunch of up-and-coming soldiers in a never-ending war with no clear-cut winner. Many people would have despair and become jaded in Ayeka's position.

Yet her positive outlook in life is illustrated in the courage to rebuild herself and to try again. There many times she had lost her way too many times as she should. But in the end, she had learned from this and was able to move on. Hopefully, her new colleagues would do the same or fail to try.

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