Chapter 11: Wanna go out

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You were at the guild sitting with your fellow guild members,
Specifically Levi, Lucy and Erza, you were having a conversation about crushes and Mira was eyeing the group listen for shipping material.

"Levi does a certain iron head give an idea" you teased nudging her, Levi's face had a small blush on her cheeks as she avoided the riddle, " w-well does a bright spark r-remind you of someone" she studded back and Lucy winked at you and Erza nudged you " luce what about a pyro I hear is in this guild, you met him right" Erza asked with a tease in her voice while winking, Lucy turned pink " no I haven't, but I notice a tattooed blueberry always follows you have an explanation" Lucy shot back with a smirk of victory, just before Erza could answer the guild door was opened and a certain guild master was at the door, automatically everyone starred at you for some reason and Lucy and Levi were winking and nudging, your face turned red from all the attention and you had no clue why, " yo, I came here to discuss an issue with the master of fairy tail" sting stated walking to the office, on the way he eyed you with a tint of pink that appeared on his cheeks and of coarse you noticed.
When he entered the office "WHY THE HELL ARE YALL STARRING AT ME" you demanded to smash your hand on the table, everyone sweat dropped from you sudden out burst into rage and backed off, " everyone saw you kiss sting" Levi blurted out, "WHAT!?, it-it wasn't my fault" you defended for no reason, after a good 10 minutes of teasing you and shipping you with sting you saw a blur or red coming closer, after a few seconds you realise it was lector, sting's exeed, you had a hint of concern on your face because he looked tired, " oh um hi lector" you greeted waving, "*puff* (y*pant*-y/n), I need to tell you something it's important *pant*" he panted rushing, " what is it, is someone in trouble" you asked standing up from your seat, " kind of, you see, Sting has a crush on you and he made an excuse to come all the way to fairy tail saying 'it's an issue I have to discuss with fairy tail',but he came all the way here to ask you out, he was probably too in the moment, or he chickened out, he's probably making a fool out of himself talking to your guild master" he explained a bit embarrassed, right after your face turned red and all the female friends were 'ooooo'ing you, you ran up the stairs to the masters office with lector following you, you opened the door, "- and be yourself, ah I remember young love like yesterday" Master Makarov exclaimed siting at his desk, " gee thanks, that helped a lot, wish you were my grandpa, old man" sting said leaning back in the chair, " hey did I miss some tha'n" lector asked as you nodded asking the same questions, "nope your just in time, um (y/n), will you go out with me...........on a date" he asked rubbing his neck, avoiding eye contact. You smiled " well you already stole my first kiss, why not my first date" you responded with a warm, closed eye smile, "so it's a yes then,," sting asked you nodded in response, a big smile grew on his face as he ran out of the guild cheering with lector.

If you bothered to scroll or flip through the pages to this point, congratulations, you get a bonus scene

As sting ran out, someone grabbed h buy the collar, he was dumbfounded for a few seconds, " my little baby sister is too young to date, she was supposed to start dating when she turned thirty, but because it's you I'll let it slid, BUT if you break her heart or even make her cry, I'll beat you till there's no lighter only fire, got that" Natsu threaten with a fist full of fire as disposals, everyone sweat dropped but you cuz your still in the office, "geez lava brain, protective enough" Gajeel spat, "*gulp* got it" sting sweatdropped.

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