~*Chapter 15*~

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Author's POV

Many things were happening on this one single day in early February.

Friends were weeping.

Prisoners were being moved.

People talking.


In secret.

Nobody would know, except for them.

Two different types of people, united under a single girl.

They'd do anything to save her.

Not all of the people, not all of the friends.

Those with secrets came, those with fake identities, hidden thoughts.

In a dark, unused, special guest room for one man, a meeting was happening.

The man had suddenly felt a magic heartbeat.

He was suddenly filled with hope, his closest relative was alive.

He could kiss her face, squeeze her small figure with a mighty bear hug.

He hoped she was helping her all this time.

Nobody else's magic could he feel.

He had to choose one single person.

For now, at least.

He chose her.

He didn't know who she chose.

Meanwhile, the girl was being dragged to moving trucks.

She felt a magical heartbeat.

Tears came to her eyes.

She'd lied to her cellmate, but really, she'd been almost sure he was dead.

But this confirmed he was alive.

She remembered his ruffled black hair, faded jeans, blue eyes, light skin.

He looked nothing like his older brother.

Max's POV

"So, we all here?"

Lucinda smiled at me, "Yup."

"Okay, everybody drop all their fake things, be real."

I watched as Adam's wings burst out of his back, Shelby's polar bear ears popped out, Ross just made his horn pop out.

Lucinda's magic became more powerful, and she was surrounded by a faint white light all around her.

Aaron's wolf ears and tail popped out.

Zane removed his mask, and smiled at us. The room seemed more cheery.

Travis looked down, and green, sparkling light came from his hands in a burst of relief. His already green eyes glowed a slight bright green.

Nana looked me straight in the eye as she snapped her fingers, and was suddenly in jean white short shorts, a loose sky blue t-shirt, and had no bow in her hair. She wore white converse, and her hair flowed down her back. No pink.

"Show your stuff," Nana said.

"Are you even a hybrid bro?" Adam asked.

I sighed, and my fox ears and tail popped out.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FU-" Adam began.

"JESS WOULD SAY NO ADAM!" I yelled before he could finish.

He began quiet once more.

"Now, we can't let our other friends know anything about this. How we gonna save Jess?" I asked.

Jess's POV

We've been on the road for an hour now. Apparently, the old Phoenix Drop castle had a spell cast on it, so magic couldn't work.

We're under major supervision, but everybody is playing with their powers in the back of the moving van. Everybody apparently has magic in this van, and the other two.

Purple sparkles shot out of my right hand, creating a rainbow into my left.

The girl I met earlier, Kitty, I studied more closely. She had long brown hair, and blue eyes, freckles across the nose, pale skin.

About Gem's age.

She was talking to a few girls, and she laughed loudly when a golden flash shot out her hand, smacking into the ceiling of the truck,  sending an arc across the entire van. Golden sparks rained down on all the girls.

I searched for Gem, wondering if she was talking to anybody.

I found her sitting in the corner, hidden by many girls.

Climbing through them, I sat next to her.

She had tears in her eyes.

"What's the matter?" I asked gently.

"My magic isn't working," she cried.

"Let me see," I said, studying the palms of her hands.

"How long have you been in the prisons?"

"Two years. I was one of the first girls. A few other girls had trouble with their magic, but friends who were captured after them showed them how," Gem explained.

I looked at her left hand, and tickled it. She flinched, and a small spark of cyan colored glitter shot a few inches above her hand.

I tried again. A bit higher.

"Keep trying that," I told her. 

Then, I did the impossible.

I climbed through a whole bunch of girls back to my seat.

Ten minutes later, I was sitting in the same spot, still thinking about things, collecting my thoughts.

Then something happened.

A spark of cyan flew out from the corner of the car, and flew around gracefully above the girls' heads, all the girls amazed.

From there, it turned sea green.

Then, it turned silver.

Then, the silver wisp doubled, but trembled from effort.

Making a swirl in the center of the van, it turned toward a girl.

I looked at Kitty, and she was grinning.

"I'm here for you!" she shouted.

She shoot a glittering golden spark at the silver twist, wrapping into the sparkling swirl.

Kitty looked so familiar, but I couldn't place where.

But how come she know's Gem's name.


Again, naming.



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