Eyes On Her

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Part 11-

You grab your car keys and the front door one too, quickly lock up and running to your car because it's always your luck every time you leave the house it starts pouring down.

Finally you reach the car park with 10 minutes to spare, the rain is still pouring down. You give Demi a text

You; " hey baby, I'm missing you a lot 😔 not even been 1 hour yet! I'm going out with the little sister, I want you to meet her today? If your free later? 😘 bye cutie xx"

Dems; " aww that's cute Y/N, but I miss you too... Well go have fun instead of texting me, I know you can't help it 😉 omg yes! I would love to. I'm free at 7, I'll call yours? Xx"

You; " shut up 😳 see you then xx"

You start smiling to yourself as you open your car door jumping out your seat, locking the door but even seen you're sister that's stood at the side of your car..

Jess; " what you smiling so hard at big sis?" She says laughing

You; " fuck!! I mean umm ever do that again. Right now I would like o get inside the cafè it's raining here duh" you say running at the cafè doors

Omg I'm wee'd through now, it's so good to see Jess's face again it's felt like forever. Jess takes a sit with the little man, whilst I get the coffees in and a kiddy drink for my wee man.

You take all the drinks over to the tablet your little sister found for you's, you place the coffees on the tablet and pass your juice to your nephew who's screaming you're name. He was the cutest little boy you have ever seen and your not just saying it because he's blood, everyone said it,

Little information about Y/N nephew

Name; Leon

Age; 2

Hair; short, light brown

Colour; dark skinned

Eye colour; brown

Half English, half Turkish

Back to the story

You unclip the pram getting your little nephew you out, he gives you big cuddles and kisses, Leon was the cutest, loving boy.

Leon; " auntie Y/N I miss you" he says smile and cuddling into your neck

You;" little man I've missed you too, what about if you ask mummy can you sleep at aunties Y/N tonight?"

Leon;" mummy me stay?" He says with the cutest smile ever

Jess; " okay but you have to be a good boy baby"

Yoh and Jess carry on talking for a few hours, you look at the time it's only half 5 so you ask Jess whilst we in town shall me have a look around, but she said she needs get home and stuff ready for Leon tonight. You dropped her off and told her come drop Leon off at 7ish so she can meet this girl you's was talking about in the cafè


Later that day round 7ish

You're cleaning your house because having the nephew staying the night he's going to grab everything and any he can get his hands on, defo because he's at that at ages where he doesn't listen and when you do tell him off he just laughs in your face, which is annoying because you can't stay mad at his adorable face and that Demi is cony too, your hoping she's going to stay the night because you going to need the extra pair of hands.

You hear a knock at the door, you hear voices you heard before talk loudly. You shout that your coming and running to the door thinking it's going to be Jess and Leon but it wasn't. You open the door with a smile on your face and It was Jess Leon and Demi all that the same time, omg! You invite them all in, you start making cups of tea for you Jess and Demi, whilst sitting at the table.

You tell your sister that this the girl was been making you smile and making you happy lately you see Demi blushing and just giving Jess a shy smile, then next minute Leon was running in and out the kitchen shout your name then Demi's,

Leon;" Y/N Demi " he would say laughing and running away again.

Leon;" auntie Y/N come play cars pwease"

You; " coming baby boy"

You get up from the table and give Jess and death stare, she know with that look not to ask to many questions or embarrass you whilst you ent in the room, you give Demi a smile and with that you leave and walk into the living room where Leon was okay with his police cars.

You and Leon have been playing for like 5 mins you hear Jess and Demi talk then you hear Demi piss herself laughing. You was thinking to yourself what the well she's saying about me now... I have few bad embarrassing moments so.. Just hoped she listened and haven't said nothing.

Your trying your best to listen to what there saying but you can't really hear nothing because Leon is shouting Demi's name again it's weird because he doesn't really take to new people so easy, he becomes so shy around new people but with Demi it was different but cute at the same time.

Leon; " Demi come play"

Demi doesn't hear him the first time

Leon; " DEMI!! Play please"

Demi walks in with a smile on her face, and I blush. I tell her I'll be back in 5 mins I need to talk with Jess..

Convo with you and Jess

You; "what have you said now Jess?" Raising your eyebrow

Jess; " you never told me it was DEMI LOVATO OMG!!! She's a keeper, I've had my words with her but I know she's going to look after you sis" she says smiling wide

You; " well I knew how you would act so.. Jess!! You didn't have too, should be the other way around!"

Jess; " your still my sister Y/N anyways I haven't said nothing bad, butt it's my cue to leave." She says walking to the living room

Jess; "Leon come give mummy cuddles? And remember what I said?"

Leon; " (runs up to Jess cuddling and kissing her) I lobe you mummy, you said be good for auntie Y/N if I can we go park?"

Jess;" yes I love you to the moon and back. Yes be good little boy, see you tomorrow"

And with that Jess leaves the house saying her goodbyes to you and Demi. Demi was still sat on the floor with Leon, it was so cute seeing them play together. She would make an amazing mummy one day.

I know I haven't updated for ages, been busy to hell!

I didn't know where to go with this story so... I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Please tell me what happens next? Or shall I do Demi POV? So you all know what Jess said?

Cause a little drama with them?

I dunno. But sorry. Hope this makes it up it's pretty longish 🙈

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