- Chapter 17 -

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"I should've told you earlier but.... I'm dating Dahyun..."

"What!!? Jimin!" Jhope loudly exclaimed.

I squinted my eyes as I was thinking of what Jimin was up to.

"I said it, we're dating. What is there more to ask about?" Jimin continued. 

'Oh, so he's gonna continue... okay then, let's see where this goes.' 

I stayed quiet and didn't say anything. 

"Hey Dahyun, is this true?" Jhope asked me with while raising his eyebrows. 

"Um.... yeah I guess?" I answered carefully while looking at Jimin. 

"See? It's true. Why are you so surprised though? Did you think that I'll never date anyone?" 

Jimin said while smiling.

"Jimin, I'm just surprised. How come you didn't tell me and the other members?" Jhope asked.

Jimin sighed as if he had a deep thought. 

"Hyung... I actually didn't know what to do... I mean, it's not that I don't believe you guys or that I wanted to keep it to myself, it just that since more people know BTS now, I thought that we need to be more responsible and careful with what whatever we're doing. Especially dating or anything related to girls and love." 

Suddenly, there was a loud bang that sounded like an object bumping into something so I slightly jumped. Jimin noticed it and gave me a cute smile.

Jhope placed both of his hands on his chest, 

"aww.... Jiminie~ you're growing up, getting a girlfriends and even thinking about your other members! I'm so proud of you Jimin."

Meanwhile, I was just sitting there, observing the situation awkwardly. 

'soo.... When is Jimin gonna finish this weird act? I hope it doesn't go too far...' 

I guess I had a nervous face on, so Jhope was looking at my face. 

"Dahyun, you don't have to be nervous. It's okay, I won't tell anyone." 

I just simple smiled, stiffly, even though he got everything wrong. 

"But," Jhope continued, "you've got to be careful. Even you Park Jimin. Dahyun, you're a JYP trainee and you probably know already, that our fans are a bit harsh when it comes to our love life and girls."

I nodded, 

"yeah I kno- wait, why are you assuming that I already know this?" 

Jhope put a 'huh?' face while asking,

"I thought you were an Army?" 

Jimin was keeping his laugh back and I just face palmed myself.

I got a bit more closer with Jhope and Jimin, and we finished discussing about the ideas of the scene we were gonna shoot together. We came up with a dancing scene. Jhope and I were gonna dance a choreo and Jimin is going to be secretly liking me. It might have seemed a bit cringy but I believed that we were gonna be able to play our characters well. 

When we finished our discussion, we went to Bang PD and told him our ideas. He seemed happy and soon decided to call everyone to get back to the first meeting room again. We all sat down on our seats, and Bang PD started talking, 

"so did every group come up with some ideas that you want to use as your topic or scene?" 

Most of the BTS member replied "yes" and it seemed like everyone was excited, except for Jungkook and his partner. 

'I wonder why they look so sad... Did something happen to them? I hope both of them cheer up...' 

Bang PD continued talking, 

"Great, then let's share the ideas with each other. Starting from.... Jimin and Jhope's team!" 

We looked at each other to figure out the person that was going to explain about our idea. Jhope kept giving Jimin looks so he started speaking. 

"Sooo, our idea is about talents, hobbies and love. More specifically, since hyung and I like dancing, we are planning to film in dance studio. Then, since Hobie hyung is our main dancer, he will be dancing with Dahyun." 

Jimin politely use two of his hands to point my direction. He then continued,

"Meanwhile, when they are both dancing and showing their great relationship, I am gonna be sitting at the back, showing my love to Dahyun in some way." 

When Jimin finished the sentence, Jhope suddenly nudged him as if he knew something. 

'*sigh* he still believes it... I think Jimin needs to stop this before it becomes a misunderstanding.' 

Jimin continued, 

"but we didn't come up with a great idea of how I'm gonna show my one-sided love. Does anyone have any ideas that might help us?" 

I looked around and saw people raising their hands up. I also saw Jungkook. He was staring, more like glaring at Jhope and Jimin. He seemed very uncomfortable and... mad. He was scary, and it got worse when he turned and looked at me in the eye. I just froze and stared back in his eyes. I didn't know what to do. Everyone else was busy sharing and discussing their ideas. 


Jungkook suddenly stood up from his place.

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