Chapter Eighteen

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I've been home for five days now.

And I've made sure to see Flynn on all of them.

We mostly just play football and watch stupid shows on the telly, but we're going to the cinema together tonight.

I can make my move then.

But until then, I'm stuck at home.

Mum's installed something on my computer that blocks social networking and tabloid websites, probably so I can't search for myself, but I'm still allowed on Netflix, so I just watch old episodes of Skins.

Which is Flynn's favourite show.

I remember hating it, but it's actually not that bad, once I get into it. The first episode was pretty stupid, but I found myself laughing hysterically by the third.

“Louis!” Mum calls, interrupting the finale of the first series.

I groan, but stand and head down to the kitchen, where she probably is.

“I'm going grocery shopping, is there anything you want?” she asks me.

“No thanks” I say. “Oh, wait, some chocolate? I'd love dome chocolate. I don't care what kind. Wait, no, Cadbury. Anything by Cadbury.”

“Sure” she says, smiling and grabbing her purse from the kitchen counter. “Oh, and Harry rang while you were sleeping.” I was probably watching Skins, but she doesn't need to know that. “Ring him back?”

“Yeah, Mum” I say. “Have fun at the supermarket, I guess. Don't forget my Cadbury!”

“Ring him” Mum says, before planting a kiss on my head and leaving.

I don't want to ring Harry.

I'm happy here, there's no need to start thinking about what I've lost.

I don't need him, I'm fine here on my own.

But I ring him anyway.

Because Mum told me to, and because Flynn would probably also want me to ring him. She keeps trying to get me to ring them, because she wants me to get my memory back and she thinks that talking to the lads will help.

I dunno how talking to them is gonna help anything. Except help make me even more miserable.

But I ring Harry anyway.

He answers on the second ring.

“'Lo” he says sleepily.

“Er, it's one in the afternoon” I say. “Why were you asleep?”

“How'd you know I was asleep?” he asks, sounding somewhat more alert.

“You sounded tired” I say. “Why'd you ring me earlier?”

“I took a nap” he mumbles defensively.

“You rang me to tell me you took a nap?” I ask. “Gee, stop the presses, Harry Styles took a nap! This'll make national news!”

“Don't be a prick, Lou” he replies. “I sound tired because I took a nap. I rang you because I wanted to see how you've been.”

“I've been fine” I say. “All is well in Louis-land. How've you been?”

I add that last part not because I care, but because I feel bad about my abundant sarcasm. And that's not sarcastic, really.

“Fine” he replies. “I miss you.”

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