Part 7: The Legendary Pokémon

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Since the Legendary in Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon is different for each game, I'm combining them to form one Pokémon know as Solluna.

[Name]'s POV

"[Name], you are strong," Lusamine states, returning her last Pokémon to its Pokéball. "You should carry along with your Island Challenge," she tells me before looking at everyone else. "Possibly I've made you feel uneasy about my ability to handle this task. I will be fine and I won't be alone. Guzma will come with me," she states and Guzma runs forward with a grin. "Yes, ma'am," he nods and Lusamine turns her back on us and picks up the case with Nebby in. Gladion runs forward, but I grab his wrist. "Stop! Let me go with you. My partner Null was born to kill beasts! I've trained! I'll be able to battle on the other side!" he exclaims and I squeeze his arm harder.

"Gladion, stop!" I shout and he looks down at me. "If... if there's any chance you could get trapped there or even die, I'm not letting it happen. You have your entire life ahead of you, don't throw it away," I whisper and Lusamine chuckles. "You are a sweet boy, but do not worry, you can leave it all in my hands," she tells her son. Gladion glares at her and Lusamine opens the Ultra Wormhole, disappearing into it along with Guzma. The portal closes and Lillie shakes her head and looks down. "Mother!" she cries out and walks over to the cage with Nebby in it.

"Nebby... are you okay?" she asks and I notice its form is different. "Nebby," she whispers and Gladion steps forward. "What is it?" he asks and I hum. "It changed forms. It's not moving either," I state and Gladion turns around and walks past us. "Come on, nothing good can happen here," he tells us and we all take the warp panel back down. "Thank Arceus you all are all right," Wicke greets us at the first floor. "Yeah... but there's still a ton we have to do. There's the president and Guzma, both in the Ultra Wormhole. Plus Cosmog, and the fact it stopped moving. Even if she is... out of her mind, Lusamine is still mine and Lillie's mother. We can't just leave her in an unknown world on her own to capture Necrozma," Gladion tells her.

"The words you just said... are they the truth?" Phyco asks and walks over to us alongside Soliera. "Lusamine... what kind of person is she? She seemed so caring, yet beneath her mask she only thought of herself. Was this all for her own satisfaction? Or does she take everything upon herself to fix? Just what is she thinking?" Soliera asks us and Phyco frowns. "In truth, we are not strong. There has never been a reason for us to be. We've always used technology to resolve any of our problems. That's why we were always looking for a human to send over to our world," he states and Gladion narrows his eyes.

"What did you just say?! You planned to send someone back to your world? You know some other way to open an Ultra Wormhole?" he asks and Phyco nods. "The altar on Poni... the Pokémon that appears there is known as a beast that calls either the sun or moon," he explains and I hum. "We borrowed such a strong power just to come here ourselves. But to think that those two hope to capture Necrozma on their own... do people in this world really have this much confidence in their battles. If Necrozma awakens... it will hunger for light. Them going to Ultra Megalopolis risks more of a chance for Alola than if they let it be," Soliera explains to us, before her and Phyco walk off.

"Miss Lillie... I would like if you and your friends got some rest first, I have prepared a few beds in the residential quarters," Wicke smiles and Gladion nods. "We'll take you up on that," he tells her before looking at me. "I'll take you to the infirmary we have here. You need to get those wounds checked out," he tells me and I nod. "I'll come, too," Hau smiles and Lillie nods. "As will I," she says and Gladion and Hau help me to the infirmary. A doctor who wasn't in on Lusamine's plans smiles at me and shoos the rest out of the room.

"So some Foundation members did this to you, and judging by these rope burns around your wrists, your were bound," he says while examining me. I start to feel nauseous and he hands me a pan. I throw up blood and his eyes widen while my hand starts to quiver. "You need a CT scan right away," he says and I nod, starting to feel drowsy. I lay down and my head starts to spin as I'm taken to an imaging room, passing out right when I get there.

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