Chapter 2

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My eyes fluttered open, a feeling of warmth surrounding me. No, this isn’t right. I bolted up, looking around. I was in an actual bed. I was under an actual blanket. I looked underneath the blanket to see I was in a completely different shirt, my same torn up skinny blue jeans, and my white hoodie missing. I had absolutely no idea where I was. As I was getting up, I groaned, falling over. I lifted my shirt to see some bandages partially covering a huge purple and black bruise covering my torso. I lay on the ground for what seemed to be a couple of minutes before the door opened. I shot my head to the side to see who came in. It was the due with the black hair.

       “You’re up finally. You scared the shit out of me and Nathan.” He said. I wearily eyed him before mumbling out an apology.

       “I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean to get hit by your car. I should’ve looked before I walked.” I smiled a little.

       “It’s fine. It was our fault, really. What’s your name?” he asked politely.

       “Lana. Lana McPhee.” I said looking into his brown eyes. They were quite gorgeous really.

       “I’m Destery. Want help?” He asked looking down at me. I nodded, gratefully. He bent over putting his hands under my armpits and lifting me up. I fell against him. I groaned a little.

       “Sorry. How long was I out?” I asked.

       “A while. Maybe a day and a half.” He said. I nodded and let him lead me out of the room.

       “Want a ride home?” He asked, as we walked out into the room. I shook my head.

       “I’ll be fine. I can walk. Outside is my home.” I smiled at him.

       “Oh yeah, the alleyway.” He scoffed. I nodded, “You know, you can use the shower if you want. I’ll wash your clothes.” He said. I froze. A shower? I haven’t had one in how long? I laughed,

       “I don’t even remember what that feels like. Clean.” I said, without humor.

       “C’mon, I’ll show you where it is. When you get in, take off your bandages, I’ll put a new one on.” He led me into a bathroom, which had like two framed posters, and overall, it was nice. He handed me a towel and a bag.

       “Just throw your clothes in there and throw it out the door, I’ll get it.” He said, whilst closing the door.

       “Hey, Destery? Thank you so much.” I yelled. I took off the shirt that wasn’t mine, wondering how it got on my body, then my bra, my bandages, etc. I put it all in the bag and opened the door, hiding behind it. “Here you go.” I whispered. I closed the door again. I opened the curtains to the shower. I damn near forgot how to use this thing. I’ll wing it. After several tries, I finally got the thing working. I closed the curtain and stepped inside. The feeling of the warm water made me dread getting out. It was absolutely amazing. As I was rinsing the body wash off of me the door opened and I heard someone say,

       “Hey Destery, I have to piss.” I didn’t answer fear overtaking me. The curtain pushed back a little to where he could see me entirely, and I screamed. Loud. Like a little girl thinking there is a monster under the bed. I closed the curtain with snake like reflexes, causing me to slip and fall back. Groaning, I tried to sit, up. “Fuck. Can’t you guys just give me a break?” I held the back of my head, my wet hair, providing some comfort.

       “I am so sorry, I thought you were Destery holy shit.”

       “Well I’m not.” I sighed, giving up and just lying there.

       “What just happened?” Destery ran into the bathroom.

       “I scared her and she fell over.” Nathan said trying to hold back laughter. Des gave a little chuckle before asking,

       “You okay, Lana?” I growled before saying,

       “Fucking peachy. I can’t really get back up at the moment, so if you could all exit the shower area, that’d be fantastic so I could drag myself out of this shower.” I ended up snapping.

       “Feisty.” I heard Nathan whisper. After the door clicked shut, signaling that they were gone so I turned the shower off. I grabbed the edges of the tub, gritting my teeth while pushing myself up. I grabbed the towel, drying myself off. I froze suddenly. I creaked the door ever so slightly and squeaked out Destery’s name. I heard him trudging up the steps.

       “Yes?” He groaned.

       “Uh… Do I just sit in this towel until my clothes are dry?” I asked sheepishly. He sighed and answered,

       “Wait.” And I heard him walk away. I took a seat on the toilet and waited. More or less after thirty seconds, he knocked softly. I opened the door and grabbed the clothes, graciously smiling at him. “You’re lucky you’re Scottish.” He called out as I started to change. I chuckled softly as I got into a shirt that went down to me mid-thigh and some sweat pants that went like 5 inches past my feet. I dried my black hair, and brushed it before walking out of the bathroom. I felt like such a needy person within the time I knew the two boys. I felt like I had been really rude to Nathan so mission one apologize. I hobbled down the hall into what was a really epic living room. There was a black sofa, bookshelf with a few action figures and a bunch of DVDs, etc. I looked around in awe. Nathan was playing a video game on the couch. I cleared my throat extra loud so he’d look up. Nathan paused the game and looked up at me in agitation. I felt intimidated but I needed to do this.

       “Uh… Nathan? I wanted to um…” I scratched the back of my head, “apologize, for being a real… bitch, you know?” I looked down, my hand tugging my earlobe. He laughed, which made my head shoot up. He stood up, and I realized how tall he was. I had to basically look up when he was standing. Nathan ruffled me hair and pulled me into a big bear hug. I winced, but kept the pain to myself. No need to ruin a good moment. He leaned down and whispered. “You look ridiculous in those clothes.”

       I swatted his arm playfully, “It isn’t my fault that Desterys a giant!” I yelled laughing. Nathan plopped back on the couch,

       “Sure, sure.” I playfully glared at him.

       “Whose a giant? What’s a giant? MY DICK!” I heard Destery run in, earning laughs from me. Suddenly he looked at me and burst out laughing really loud. When I got angry, my Scottish accent would be more noticeable.

       “It isn’t my fault, man!” I couldn’t help but laugh as well. He walked up and pinched my blushing cheeks,

       “Your just a midget huh?” He said in a tone as if he was talking to a baby. I swatted his hands away playfully.

       “Hush yourself!” I mimicked the voice of Smeagol from the Lord Of The Rings. They both just suddenly stopped what they were doing and looked at me. Destery and Nathan suddenly pounced on me, sandwiching me between the both of them.

       “SHE LIKES LORD OF THE RINGS, NATHAN!” Des shouted,

       “CAN WE PLEASE KEEP HER?” Nathan yelled. Then my mind dreaded going to the thought that haunted me. When am I out on the streets again? 

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