One - That Moment

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First, thank you so much to the reader who made this trailer ❤️

Second, HIIIII!

Welcome to my story. I realize that many of you have no idea who the heck I am and just discovered my books! So, before you dive in, there are some things you should know!

One: Hello, my name is Eliah! I've been on Wattpad for years now and I first got "my start" if you will with a Bad boy book (I know, I know) It's called The Bad Boy's Rules.

Two: This book that you just clicked on is a sample of the Spin off of The Bad Boy's Rules. Which means I took characters from my first book and gave them their own story!



But I suggest that you do, just so you can play detective and notice all the hidden details I threw in there about Will and Kass's forbidden relationship ;)

You will find a sample of The Bad Boy's Rules on Wattpad but it is not completed because the first and second book of the Rules trilogy have been published. They're available online for 2-3$ (Amazon, Barnes And Noble, Apple and so on.

That's why you will see mentions of characters named Haze and Winter in the story. They're the couple from The Bad Boy's Rules and the ship that started it all.

Oh and I also changed the title for publication bc I ain't trying to have the words "Bad boy" —that I chose at fourteen—follow me for the rest of my life, ya feel me?

Order to read the books
Unwritten Rules: book 1
Unspoken Rules: book 2
Unbroken Rules: book 3

At first, this book was meant for readers of Haze and Winter's story who wanted to keep the adventure going while waiting for the third book to be finished but hey, new people are finding it now so welcome, it's good to have you here!

If you ever want to read Haze and Winter's story to get the full experience, the link to find the books is in my Wattpad bio (@eliahgreenwood)

If not, that's completely fine, you can just stay right here and start reading!!! :)

Kay bye


"Good morning, Shrek."

I immediately recognized Kendrick's voice and cursed under my breath.

"Get out of my room," I burried my head under my pillow, desperately trying to ignore his existence. Which was pretty much my specialty.

How do you think I survived all these years? I have a tactic : whenever Kendrick is talking, I start singing my favorite song in my head on replay until he's done. There, problem solved.

"Get your fat ass out of bed. We have to go get Winter at the airport," Kendrick insisted, turning on all the lights in my room and opening the curtains.

Then, it all came back. My eyes opened wide and I stood up straight, getting out of bed. Today was the day. My cousin was coming to live with us for her last year of high school. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Winter was almost like a bestfriend to me. We'd grown up together and she visited every summer.

"Wow, you actually listened. I should use the Winter excuse everyday." Kendrick mocked me and walked out of my room. Of course, he made sure not to close the door behind him. He knew how irritating I found that.

"I hope you step on a lego." I screamed from my room as he went down the stairs.

"I love you too, sis." He laughed as if I had just told him a great joke.

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