Chapter One

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I pull myself of off the ground, spitting blood from my mouth. This is a regular thing. What you get for being homeless. Currently, I’m at the wrong place at the wrong time. Another homeless person, saying something along the lines of “get off my fucking turf”, had stolen the money I had just saved up for a meal but oh well. Sure, I could go another night starving. Hear the sarcasm drip from my words?

       I use the tattered sleeves of my white hoodie, tainted with dirt, blood, stains, holes, etc., wrapping them around my body to keep myself warm. Yes, I am aware Florida is one of the hottest states, but damn does it get cold as hell at night.

       Hi, my name is Lana and I’m a low life. My sob story? I lived in Scotland for a long while with my mum and dad. So yeah, I guess you can pick up that I have a faint Scottish accent. One night, my dad died. Mum was a junkie after that. Helluva lot good she was. It was like I was always alone. She’d spit hurtful words at me, throw things, and break down. One night, I had enough at went on to next plane to Florida. I have gray eyes and hair that in the right light looks blue and parts to the side. It reaches my waist. I’m only about 5’2.

       So that leaves me here. Sitting in front of a taco bell, at 11pm, hoping someone had spare change. I had gone three days straight without eating and I started to black out, many times. With difficulty, I stood up. I looked around the back of the Taco Bell. I saw a trash can, and no matter how disgusting it is, you have to remember I’m on the verge of dying from starvation. I saw maybe about a little piece of burrito sitting on the top that looked mainly untouched from the other trash in there. I greedily grabbed it and practically inhaled it. I groaned as it left me wanting more.

       I looked around and found an empty cup lying around. I picked it up. I decided to look around for any loose change. You’d be surprised what people take for granted.

       After about an hour, and a little after midnight I had gathered some loose change. Not enough for food though. I’d need two more dollars before I could get enough for a meal. I guess I could do that in the morning. I was just really tired. I eyed the area across the street. It was an alleyway. A bit stereotypical, but it is a bit true. I held my cup close to my body and limped towards the road.

       As I got to the road, I kept my head down and kept walking. The sound of screeching tires and a honking horn made me shoot my head up as I saw a car heading my way. I was fixed in place from fear, the headlights of the car trapping my gaze. Unfortunately, for my poor and beaten body I still managed to get hit by a car. The red car hit me in the side and I went flying a few feet, before I skid another few. I let cries of pain fly from my mouth. I crouched over on my hands and knees, coughing up some blood.

       “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, are you okay?” I felt hands on my back, and out of my peripheral vision someone else crouching behind me.

       “Hunky- fucking- Dory,” I said grunting, while trying to get to my feet. “Help me up, will you?” I said, glancing at a guy with black hair and a little brown dot thingy under his eye, with a lip piercing.

       “We should call an ambulance.” I whipped my head in the direction of the other guy, who had reddish hair and had piercings on his lips that looked kind of like snake bites? Whatever.

       “N-no. Just get me up on my feet, and take me to that alley over there,” I looked at both of them, “That sounded really bad, but please just take me over there.” I had my arm around both of their shoulders as the dragged me over there. I looked around and saw fire escape stairs. “Lay me down over there.” I moved my head in the direction I wanted to go.

       “What do you mean, just leave you here? You could be seriously hurt!” The one with black hair reasoned, while putting me down.

       “Us homeless get hurt all the time. But seriously, be careful on who you trust.” I pointed out to them. The one with red hair looked super confused. “Let me clarify, I say this because I just got the shit beat out of me because I had five dollars to go buy me enough food to last through this night. I only have three dollars now is spare change.” Finally they looked a little freaked out, but the one with black hair crouched down to my level as I spit out some blood. I cut him off before he could say anything. “It wasn’t always like this. I know what you must think. A homeless 20 year old who can’t get a job to support her own self. What a low life. Well, I’m sorry, but I had no American money. I’m from bloody Scotland, I am.” I coughed again, spitting more blood.

       “Well, okay, I figured from your accent. I love Scottish accents.” He smiled briefly. My vision started flickering.

       “Just… Don’t take me to… a hospital…” I managed out as soon as I felt my body slump over in fatigue. 

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