Chapter 01: Uncertainties

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"Mmm...well, I hung out with Greg for a little while. We had dinner, then went to the observation room. He was really distracted and hard to talk to. Which...well, I don't blame him. I mean...he got his head cut off."


"So, anyway, we eventually went back to his room and Eve was still there and it got kind of awkward because it seemed like they really needed to talk about something. So I just ended up leaving them to it and came back here."

"Any idea what they were going to talk about?" Allan asked.

"Probably the fact that Greg has been contemplating leaving Anomalous Ops. I can't imagine it being about anything else," Callie replied.

Allan nodded, falling into thought. He'd hate to see Greg go, but...well, like Callie said, he couldn't really blame him for freaking out. He wasn't sure how he'd handle something like that. His life was a lot smoother now but honestly he knew that a lot of extreme emotions were still there, not far beneath the surface of his psyche, waiting for the right event to unleash them. Getting more mentally healthy and putting your life back together didn't mean that the bad emotions or the instability just went away, it simply meant that they were easier to deal with. Allan still had bad days and he knew there was still a lot wrong with him.

"How are you?" Callie asked, bringing him back to the here and now.

"I'm good, actually. I slept heavily and well," he replied.

Callie smiled and shifted closer to him, hugging him tightly to her. "Good. I hate it when you can't sleep well. I'm way too familiar with that."

He hugged her back. "Yeah. It's been you feel like getting up and having some morning sex in the shower?" he asked.

"Have I ever said no to that question?"

* * *

Over breakfast, Allan could feel something coming.

He was never entirely sure how he knew when something big was approaching. It was a little like smelling rain on the air or seeing lightning on the distant horizon, but significantly more subtle. After their shower, he and Callie had headed for the mess hall, grabbed some bacon and eggs and sat down. Probably the first clue was how empty the place was. The Dauntless tended to operate on a fairly regular schedule...for the most part. There were almost always at least some people in the mess hall in the morning.

But there'd been only one other person, Keron, who was sitting by himself, staring out a window as he drank something from a steaming mug.

Maybe it was just the timing. As weird as it sounded, it seemed like something seemed to crop up on a fairly regular schedule. Or maybe that was just his imagination. As he finished his meal, Allan made a note to check the dates on their mission logs. He also noted that neither of them seemed to have very much to talk about this morning. Several months ago, that might have worried him, but he was far enough into the relationship and knew enough about Callie that he knew it wasn't a problem. They were both people who were sometimes prone to long silences as they sorted their thoughts. Plus, they didn't always need to be talking.

Sitting in each others' presence was often enough.

After they finished up, the pair put their dirty dishes onto the conveyor belt that led back into the kitchen and headed out of the mess hall.

"What are you going to do?" Allan asked.

"I've been slacking a little on target practice lately, so I thought I'd get some of that in today," Callie replied. "What about you?"

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